Sydney Thunder vs Hobart Hurricane 47th match prediction

Sydney Thunder vs Hobart Hurricane 47th match prediction

Sydney Thunder vs Hobart Hurricane 47th match prediction: The Sydney Thunder would be facing the Hobart hurricane in the 47th match of The Big Bash Premier League.

It will be one hell of a contest between the two best teams of the BBL.

The Sydney Thunder are in a constant winning Run with five consecutive wins in their last 5 matches. They have played 11 matches with 8 wins and 3 losses.

On the other side, the Hobart Hurricanes have lost their last two matches and are desperate to win.

These two teams have competed against each other in the 43rd match of the Big Bash Premier League. “The Sydney thunder got their fifth consecutive win defeated Hurricanes in their last game by 9 wickets.”

The Thunder Dominated the Hurricanes in their last game, picking up key wickets and restricting them to a low total. In Return, they comprehensively chased down their total and got their fifth win of the season.

Therefore these two teams would again collide with each other on 13 January.

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Sydney Thunder vs Hobart Hurricanes Last match Analysis

The Hobart Hurricanes faced the Sydney Thunder in the Melbourne Ground Cricket. “Hurricane won the toss and chose to bat first.”

The conditions are equal for both teams, and we are likely to see a good fighting contest.

Hobart Hurricanes Openers, McDermott, and Jewel walk to the Crease. The Right Arm Fast Bowler Hasnain came with the New Ball in Hand.

The First Ball was a beauty from the Fast Bowler – Hasnain. He bowed the first ball and immediately got some swing from the Pitch. “Hasnain also picked his first hat-trick in this eleventh season of Bbl.”

The first two overs of the Thunders were inexpensive, creating pressure on the Hurricane Batters.

Therefore, Jewell went for a big shot in the third over and was caught due to the pressure build-up. “Jewell goes for 4 of 8 balls.”

The First Boundary comes from McDermott bat. He delicately scoops McAndrew over the top of the Keeper for a boundary. “Cheeky from the Right Hander”

McDermott Gets Going

McDermott smacks Sams in the 4th over into the Mid-Wicket for a boundary. “The commentators appraise the Timing of McDermott.”

McDermott goes hard in the 5th over and powers Sangha over his head for a six. The right-hand spinner is in trouble. “Hurricane 38 for 1 in 6 overs”

The First Down batsman, Handscomb, gets a boundary with a thick edge over the third man for a Boundary. “He reaches 8 of 14 balls.”

The impactful McDermott innings end in the 9th over of the game. He takes charge of McAndrew, slogs him flat into the On-side, and gets caught by the fielder. “McDermott goes for an entertaining inning of 38 of 34 balls.”

The next Hurricane batsman Brook comes in and returns to the dressing in no time. He takes on Sandhu in the 11th over but mistimes the ball and gets caught out. “Brook out for 2 of 4 balls.”

Handscomb was going well, but he lost focus in the Crease due to consecutive falling wickets. He dances down the Crease to slog Sangha but misses the ball and is out stumped.

Hurricane loses the Runs Scoring pace.

The Hurricane reached 96 of 16 overs with two middle-order players, David and Short, in the Crease. “David slashes the ball hard in the 16th over, gets an edge, and it goes for a boundary.”

In the 17th over, Short Punishes McAndrew with 3 boundaries in his 4th over. “Short take over the Team’s responsibility.”

The Left-hand bowler Sams efficiently got his first wicket, dismissing David. David tries to pull Sam for a six but mistimes the ball and gets caught in the deep.”

Short quick innings of 26 of 21 balls end in the 18th over, cross hits the ball, and gets caught out in the Deep Mid-Wicket region.

Hence the Left-Hander Thomson scores. He scored some big hits in the last overs, and Hurricanes set a target of 140 runs in their 20 overs.

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The Sydney Thunder Come to Chase

The Inform Thunder openers Gilkes and Hales come to the Crease to chase the total.

The two Thunder batters start the run chase good with a couple of Boundaries in the first over.

The Left-hander Gilkes looks good with powering cover drives into the off-side. “He takes on Meredith in the Second over and scores successive boundaries.”

Gilkes goes in the 4th over, missing the ball completely and stumped. “Gilkes goes for 19 of 16 balls.”

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Fortune Favours the BEST

In the 7th over, the right-hand off-spinner Lamichhane bowls and gets a Nik of Hales bat. There is no slip, and the ball races away to the boundary for four runs.

The first Six of the second innings came from the Skipper’s Bat – J Sanjha. “He smacked David over the top of his head for a six.

Hales, with a couple of Boundaries, scores his fifty in the 13th over. He pushes the right-arm spinner David for a single and reaches his fifty. “What a beautiful knock from Hales” “36 Remaining of 30 balls”

Sydney Thunder vs Hobart Hurricane 47th match prediction

Hales Aims for a Quick Victory

After the Half-century, there is no stopping for Alex Hales. “Hales powers roger from the middle of the bat and scores a boundary.” Hales in a hurry to get thunders home”

In the 16th over, Hales pulls Meredith for a slashing Boundary into the on-side. “15 needed off 22 Balls”. In the same over, he hits a powerful six into the stands. “Meredith getting expensive, thunders ahead of the game.”

The Skipper Sanjha, in the 17th over, hits a boundary and takes his side home for a 5th consecutive win. “What an innings from both the thunder players, Sanjha and Hales”

Hales Receives the man of the match award for his exceptional innings of 80 off 56 balls.

Sydney Thunder Beats Hobart Hurricane by 9 Wickets.

The Upcoming Match – Sydney Thunder vs Hobart Hurricane Pitch Report

The Pitch condition plays a crucial role in the game. The players need to analyze the pitches before coming out for the match.

The next match between the two teams is to happen in Marvel Stadium. The conditions are equal for both sides. “Winning the toss, batting first and second have an equal amount of success.”

The Pitch progresses with Time, and we will see the ball coming on the bat nicely after some initial overs. The bowlers would also find some pace and swing in the Surface.

The new ball would challenge the batters to stabilize themselves in the Crease. Hence if the batter pulls off a good start, then 160, 170 is a good score in these pitches.

We can say that it can both be a high-scoring or a low-scoring match. If the bowlers fail to take wickets, batters will smack them all over the ground and score most runs.

Weather Forecast

The weather is expected to be clear between Thunder and Hobart Hurricane on match day.

The Sun be shining, and it will be a beautiful glowing day in the Marvel Stadium on 13 January.

The crowds would enjoy the Sun’s shiny rays and the match with raining sixes and nail-biting encounters.

The Pressure games are on – as it’s the last, ending stages of the 11th season of Big Bash League. Every Team would give their all to emerge as the winner and lift the BBL TROPHY.

Sydney Thunder Player Analysis for Upcoming Match

Alex Hales is always a crucial player and a match-winner for his respective sides. He has chased down targets in pressure games for his side to emerge as the winner.

Hales scored an 80 not out in the last game and took his Team to Victory. “The hurricane needs to get Hales fast to keep themselves going in the contest.”

The Thunder captain J. Sangha leads from the front with the bat in the 11th edition of bbl. Sanjha partnered with Hales in the last match and took his side to Victory.

Sanjha has hit massive sixes and has always contributed with the bat and ball this season. Hence Sanjha would be looking to get his Team’s 6th consecutive win of the season.

The Right Arm fast bowler Hasnain is the key bowler of the thunder side. He got a hat-trick in this BBl season, and crowds love him.

The Hurricane needs to play him smartly in his four overs his 4 without losing any wickets to keep themselves ahead of the game.

Hobart Hurricanes Players Analysis for Upcoming Match

McDermott is looking in great form this season. He has always performed for his Team this season.

In the last match against Thunder, he opened the innings and made 38 of 34 balls. He smashed all the Thunder bowlers and was looking unstoppable. Due to the back-to-back falling wickets of his side, the pressure takes over McDermott. He played the bad shot and got out.

The Hurricane needs to form a partnership without losing any key wickets of their side. The losing wickets fail to keep the Scoreboard moving and lower the run’s scoring pace.

The left-hander Darcy Shot has hit many sixes in this 11th season of bbl. Hence he failed to perform in the last match against the Sydney Thunder.

He must be looking to get his form back for his team in the next match. “Darcy short has the power to score runs with his power-hitting in the last overs.”

The Century maker of the 11th BBL season – Mattew Wade, is said to return in the next match. Due to a lack of form, he thought to rest in the last game against the Thunder.

Therefore Wade is likely to play for Hurricane in the next match against Thunders.

Sydney Thunder vs. Hobart Hurricane – Match Prediction

The Sydney Thunder has dominated the Hurricane in the game with both the bat and the ball. Hence they are confident enough to get the next Victory against hurricanes.

The Hurricanes would look to work on their mistake and be back in the next game.

The Prediction

The Sydney thunder would Defeat Hobart Hurricanes in the next match.

Sydney Thunder playing 11 against Hobart Hurricanes

  1. Matthew Wade(wicketkeeper)
  2. Matthew Gilkes
  3. Alex Hales
  4. Jason Sangha (Captain)
  5. Alex Ross
  6. Oliver Davies
  7. Daniel Sams
  8. Ben Cutting
  9. Nathan McAndrew
  10. Tanveer Sangha
  11. Gurinder Sandhu
  12. Mohammad Hasnain

Hobart Hurricane Expected Playing 11 against Sydney Thunder

  1. Ben McDermott (wk)
  2. D’Arcy Short
  3. Caleb Jewell
  4. Tom Lammonby
  5. Peter Handscomb (c)
  6. Tim David
  7. Will Sanders
  8. Thomas Rogers
  9. Riley Meredith
  10. Sandeep Lamichhane
  11. Mitchell Owen


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