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On this Page, we provide online cricket betting tips and match predictions for our Visitors.  

IPL 2023 Match Predictions and Betting Tips

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Match Predictions and Betting Tips

WPL 2023 Match Predictions and Betting Tips

Cricket is the favorite sport of punters to bet millions of punters bet on their favorite cricket matches and earn a lot of real money throughout the year, meanwhile many punters miss these opportunities only because they don’t have betting knowledge. To help those punters we have brought a guide on free online Cricket betting tips to win.

In this guide, we will cover free online cricket betting tips, how to find the best cricket betting sites and how to get started with those sites follow all the instructions to earn real money.

Tips to get started with online betting in India

There is no rocket science in starting with IPL betting everyone can start betting online by following our free online cricket betting tips.

  • Check for the best and good IPL betting sites
  • Register an account
  • Deposit the minimum amount fixed by the bookmaker
  • Check the markets and odds you want to bet on
  • Place the bet on which you wish to bet on

Getting started with online cricket betting isn’t that difficult just continue reading our free online cricket betting tips guide.

Tips to Find Best Online Betting Sites

Many new punters feel difficulty in finding out the best online betting site on which they can bet without any hesitation. Below are some tips by which punters can easily find the best online cricket betting sites.

Safety and security

The first thing that you should look at in a website is to see whether the site is secure and safe for its customer. For instance Satsport247 the main motive of this bookmaker is the safety and security of its customers.

Betting options, Markets, and Odds

Always check what are the betting options, markets, and betting odds the bookmakers are providing to their clients. Never ever go for betting sites that allow betting only on cricket but choose those sites that allow betting on various sports. For example, Satbet allows its customers to bet on various sports like cricket, football, hockey, tennis, horse racing, and many more.

Attractive Welcome Bonus and other offers.

Always check what are bonuses and offers the betting sites are providing to their users. A good betting site will always give an attractive bonus to its new clients.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

According to our free online cricket betting tips guide, the next tip is to look for a betting site that allows its users to make an easy withdrawal and deposit with various methods. 

Customer Support

When looking for the best IPL betting sites always choose the website that has 24/7 live customer support. As a beginner, you may face a lot of issues while betting to make it smooth it is necessary to have 24/7 customer support.


It is necessary to have a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. So that it would be easy for new punters to navigate throughout the site.

Online Cricket Betting Tips to Win a Bet Successfully

Many online cricket bettors lose their money only because they don’t have proper knowledge of online cricket betting. To help those punters we have brought free online cricket betting tips to win a bet successfully.

Follow the latest winning trends

The easiest way to earn money through online cricket betting is to follow the winning trends. This doesn’t mean copying other successful punters.

Know Your Limits

While betting on online cricket betting always remember your limits don’t just blindly bet on any amount instead know your limits and bet accordingly.

Always measure the risk

Always measure the risk and only bet on the money that you can afford to lose in case of an unsuccessful bet. As there is a famous saying “Eat your betting money but never bet your eating money”

Follow the Free Online Cricket Betting Tips and Predictions

Cricket Expert predictions and tips play an important role if you want to bet on any cricket match. But what cricket prediction factors should you follow? Below is a list of predictions that you should follow while betting online.

Match Predictions Factors

Here is a full guide on what factors you should consider while doing match predictions.

Match information

According to our online cricket betting tips guide, the first thing that a punter should do is to collect information regarding the match, information as date, time, venue of the match, and key players of both the teams.

Toss prediction

Certainly, we cannot predict who can win the toss but we surely can predict the result of the toss by predicting the decision of the toss-winning skipper.

There are certain factors that come under this prediction they are pitch conditions, weather conditions, in-form players, players’ performances on-field, Squad changes, previous toss decisions by skippers, their results, and much more.

Pitch Report

A pitch report is also one of the factors that can highly affect the winning of the match. The cricket experts always give their opinions on the match result seeing the pitch conditions. All the experienced punters consider the pitch report to decide their key players for instance to choose between pacers or spinners bowlers and to choose between defensive or aggressive batsmen.

Weather Report

With the help of the Weather report, an experienced punter can easily figure out what are the possibilities for a team to win if rain comes according to that he will bet and convert it into a successful one.

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Why you should follow Exchmarket Cricket Betting Tips & Match Prediction?

All the match prediction and cricket betting tips here on this website are written by the professionals of Exchmarket.

We cover almost all of the key facts that customers need to know in order to improve their cricket betting and make significant gains in their bankrolls.

We at Exchmarket provide our match predictions as well as our analysis of the future cricket matches that are being played in different parts of the world. As well as provide you with the greatest cricket betting advice that we can think of, based on the odds, regarding who we believe will be the most profitable to bet on.

Factors that Exchmarket centrate on for match predictions

Match Details – Exchmarket Predictions

This section at the top provides all of the crucial details pertaining to a specific match. It gives information on the match, including the date, time, and location of it. You will also see a countdown timer that provides you with information regarding the remaining amount of time until the match begins.

Match Overview – Exchmarket Cricket Betting Tips

In this part of the article, we are going to give you an overarching perspective of both of the competing teams. An overview includes information on any previous encounters between the two franchises. The results of their most recent games and their standings on any relevant leaderboards prior to the match.

Toss Prediction – Exchmarket Match Prediction

We are unable to provide authoritative forecasts regarding the result of the coin toss, but we are certain to be able to forecast the result of the toss by predicting the choice made by the captain whose team won the toss.

This prediction is based on a number of different aspects, including the pitch conditions, the weather conditions, players who are currently performing well, changes to the squad, players’ records on the ground, previous decisions made by the captain regarding the toss, decisions made previously in the ongoing series or tournaments, and so on.

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Pitch Prediction – Exchmarket Cricket Betting Tips and Match Prediction

The report of the pitch is one of the most important factors that can direct how the match is played out according to the conditions. The cricket experts will always offer their predictions for the outcome of the match after observing the state of the pitch.

Every seasoned bettor takes into account this factor when selecting their key players. For instance, they might decide between spinners and pacers or between defensive and aggressive batsmen.

 By analyzing the pitch report, our specialists are able to make predictions & cricket betting tips free regarding the expected total score or the role that a player is expected to play in order for the team to emerge victorious from the match.

Weather Report – Exchmarket Match Prediction

Weather reports might help to figure out the probability of rain or thunder during the match. Rain can result in the dampness of the field which can make a significant difference to the bowling squad as the ball gets significantly slower over the wet field.

If the bowling squad has good swing bowlers then rainfall might be a major plus for them as well. The moisture factor also plays a key role in cricket matches.

Particularly in day-night games, when it indicates that the dew may come in the second innings then the toss-winning skipper tends to pick batting second and hunt the target with the edge of moisture. Dew makes it harder for the bowlers to maintain a decent line and length, consequently, resulting in the benefit of batsmen making good hits.

Possible Playing XI – Exchmarket Predictions 

In this part, you will find extensive information about both teams. It contains all of the most recent team news, major players, and team form, among other things. We compile our expected starting 11 from the squads after reviewing all of the latest information on the players and their performances.

The key-players section can assist you in betting on in-form players and increasing your profits in various bets. We also display you the team’s form over the previous five matches, as even the best teams can lose bets if they are out of form. We also provide you with head-to-head statistics for each side, which show how many total matches have been played between them and how many matches each club has won. This would undoubtedly assist you in placing more confident bets.

Betting Odds – Exchmarket Cricket Betting Tips Free

We not only offer you our predictions for each match, but we also give you the probabilities of each team prevailing.

All of the odds values that are displayed in our forecasts come from some of the most reputable betting websites for cricket, such as Satsport, satsport247, etc. amongst others.

You can select the betting site that best suits your needs after comparing all of the available pricing on our website. As a result of our research, we have determined who the best six batters and bowlers are from both teams together.

Along with the names of the players, we also supply the odds price for each of them. This allows you to place bets on the highest scorer, the highest wicket-taker, and any other relevant bets relating to individuals on an individual basis.

Match Winner Prediction – Exchmarket Today Match Prediction & Cricket Betting Tips Free

We present a winning percentage bar to illustrate which team, according to our analysts, has a greater chance of winning the match based on the odds for the favorite team as well as other criteria. These odds and factors are taken into consideration when calculating the bar.

Betting Tips – Exchmarket Match Predictions

It is an important part of our match predictions, in which we provide a brief overview of all the players who are currently performing well by presenting their most recent statistical information.

Our entire crew does extensive research on the players, and their findings serve as the foundation for all of our opinions.

Note: Match prediction and cricket betting tips are provided on the website two days before the match

Tips from the Experts – Exchmarket Cricket Betting Tips & Match Prediction

The tipsters who have a passion for watching almost every cricket match and have an understanding of the various factors of a cricket match, such as pitch conditions, weather conditions, in-form players and teams, etc., which are quite important for successfully placing bets are the ones who provide the expert predictions. Our analysts have a track record of success when it comes to accurately predicting the outcomes of matches.

If you are new to betting on cricket, then our forecasts will most likely assist you in becoming a significant participant in this sector.

Get access to our match prediction beforehand – Exchmarket Cricket betting tips free

Because our crew refreshes the match predictions between twenty-four and forty-eight hours before the start of each match, you will have the opportunity to get knowledge about all of the betting recommendations for each and every match.

In cricket, the most popular type of wager to place is a prediction on who the winner will be.

Explanations over cricket predictions & tips – Exchmarket predictions

On our website, you will not only discover a prediction of who will win the match, but we will also provide thorough explanations for why we have made that prediction. This will allow you to gain more information that you can use for future wagers.

Along with our prediction for who will win the event, we also offer betting predictions on a variety of additional bets that, in our opinion, have the potential to be the most profitable bets in a match.

They can include total run-outs in a match, any player to score a hundred yes or no, any player to hit a six yes or no, best score in the first 10 overs, as well as plenty of other possibilities.

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