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Online sports betting is a common thing these days. Many people watch their favorite sport and enjoy the thrill that comes with it. However, cricket is the most popular sport that people like to watch and bet online. Bookmakers identify this opportunity and give priority to cricket betting.

In this blog, we will give an overview of some of the best online betting sites available in the market that suits Indian Punters.

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List of Top 10 Amazing Betting Sites for IPL 2022

Below is a list of Amazing betting sites for IPL 2022

  1. Satsport247: Attractive odds and markets
  2. Satbet: Punters can watch live streaming of matches
  3. Satsport: Satsport’s in-play betting option attracts the punters
  4. Sportwin247: Excellent signup bonuses and offers
  5. SS Exchange: Easy to use interface
  6. Sky Exchange: Wide variety of Sports for online betting
  7. Diamond Exchange: Easy withdrawal and deposit options
  8. Mony777: Good customer support
  9. Lotus Book 247: Best betting site for new punters
  10. Betxhub247: Various payment options with instant withdrawals

Top 10 Best Online Betting Sites in India for IPL Betting

Many punters earn a lot of real money while betting on IPL matches whereas many punters miss out on this opportunity, only because they fail to get the best betting site. To help those punters we have brought a list of the best online betting sites in India that are meant for IPL betting.


Satsport247 is one of the best online betting sites to bet on IPL. The site provides the best user experience to bettors. It has all the key features that the best betting site should have like, in-play betting, ultra-high-definition live streaming of matches, attractive signup bonuses, a variety of sports and casino games to bet on, and many more.


Satbet is one of the most popular betting sites in India. A bettor can place bets on various sports like Cricket, Football, Horse riding, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Kabaddi, tennis, and many more. This betting site also has some good features like a good and user-friendly interface, excellent markets and odds, best welcome bonus and signup bonus, in-play betting on any matches, and many more.

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SS Exchange

SS exchange is one of the popular betting sites in India, it has an easy user interface as it is mainly designed for Indian punters. Apart from this, it has some other good key features that include superfast withdrawal procedures, Enormous sports to bet on, excellent in-play betting options, ease to navigate across the website, and much more. The punters are loving this IPL betting site because of its exuberant features such as instant withdrawals and multiple payment modes that include Paytm, Phonepe, GPay, Net Banking, etc.

Sky Exchange

Sky Exchange is the best betting site to place bets on IPL matches. This betting site is famous because it has a wide selection of sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Hockey, and Horse riding apart from this it also has a variety of casino games like Andar Bahar, Live dealer, Roulette, lucky7, and much more.

Diamond Exchange

Diamond Exchange has one of the best user interfaces that a punter can experience. The betting site also has various key features that attract putters to it. The major key features of Diamond exchange include the best user-friendly interface, easy withdrawal, and deposit procedures, in-play betting options, great markets and odds, and Amazing customer support.


Mony777 is a popular betting site that allows its clients to bet on various sports. The other key features of Mony777 include Attractive betting odds, amazing UX and UI, massive bonuses and offers, innumerable payment options such as Paytm, Google pay, PhonePe, net banking, and all kinds of cards, and much more.

Lotus Book 247

Louts Book 247 is a renowned betting site that is designed for Indian punters, the betting site mainly focuses on the Indian market. A punter can easily withdraw or deposit money in Indian currency. The bookmaker also provides amazing bonuses and offers that attract new punters. 

It also has some amazing features that include various payment options, a huge selection of sports to bet on, live streaming of IPL matches, massive bonuses and offers, enormous payment options, amazing UX and UI, and much more.


Betxhub247 is the best IPL betting site. It has a user-friendly interface that helps punters to navigate across the website smoothly. The other key features of this IPL betting site include good customer support that solves punters’ issues instantly, quicker withdrawals and deposits, numerous payment options, support for Indian currency live streaming of matches, and much more.

Ultimate Betting tips to win a massive amount

Many punters make mistakes and lose their money while betting on IPL matches, to help them we have brought a list of do’s and don’ts that a punter should follow while betting on any IPL matches. Without wasting any time let’s dive deep into it.

What a punter should do to win a bet successfully?

Below is a list of Do’s that a punter should follow while betting online

  1. Use best betting sites

The biggest mistake that punters do while placing bets online is that they choose the wrong betting site, as a result, they either get scammed or lose the bet because the site doesn’t match their betting experience. Always make sure that you choose the right betting site.

  1. Know your limits and set a budget

Identify your limits and set a budget accordingly. As betting can be addictive, always make sure that you follow your budget and place bets within that limit.

  1. Follow the match predications

Never ever bet on any sports match without knowing anything about it. Follow the match predictions provided by sports experts.

  1. Claim and use all bonuses and offers

Whenever you sign up on the above IPL betting sites you get an attractive welcome bonus. Make sure that you claim all the welcome bonuses and use them wisely.

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What a punter shouldn’t do to win a bet successfully?

Below is a list of activities that a punter should avoid while betting online to win a bet successfully.

  1. Getting greedy

Imagine you have been lucky and you are blessed with a streak of continuous wins. You might feel that you are going to win continuously for all the bets you are going to place. Before feeling this remember that continuing winning streaks are tough and they are not going to last forever.

  1. Betting on your favorite team.

Some punters only bet on their favorite teams no matter in which position the team is standing in the league. This is a huge mistake that punters need to figure out. And bet on their favorite team only when it is necessary.

  1. Betting after drinking

Avoid betting when you are drunk. A person will not be in a condition to make decisions while he is drunk as a result he will lose money. Sadly we have seen many successful bettors losing money after being drunk. Sometimes punters will not even remember what they have done until the next time they log in to their betting account.

  1. Getting influenced by others

Many new punters get influenced by other punters and end up losing money. Avoid taking suggestions from others follow your gut feeling and go ahead. If you feel that a player or the team will perform well then go ahead and bet on them.

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The thing to focus on while choosing a betting site.

Many punters lose money while betting online the only reason for this is they choose the wrong bookmaker. To help those potential punters we have brought a list of things that you need to focus on while choosing a betting site.

A little research about the betting site

The first thing that you need to consider while choosing a betting site is to do a little research about the betting site. Your research should include things like when the site was launched, what their existing clients tell about them, and much more.

Check what kind of payment options the site is providing

The second thing that you should check is what kind of payment options the bookmaker is providing. Also, make sure whether the bookmaker is accepting the Indian currency or not. Never select a betting site if the bookmaker is not accepting the Indian currency.

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Easy navigation and smooth user interface

Check if the betting site has a user-friendly interface by which a punter can easily navigate throughout the site. If the site has a good interface it will be easy to use all features which will indeed increase your income.

A betting site should have attractive Odds

Select a betting site that offers the best odds on all sports. No doubt if you place a bet on a site that offers the best odds you will get a higher profit in case of a successful bet. The above-listed betting sites provide the best and most amazing odds.

Data Security and User Privacy

Always select a betting site that has strong data security and maintains user privacy. Beware of fraudulent betting sites and stay away from them. Always read all the terms and conditions while registering your betting id.

A betting site that gives the best Offers and bonuses

Before signing up on any cricket betting site check what are the offers and bonuses the betting site is offering to its client. Once you sign up make sure that you claim all the bonuses available for you. The above-listed betting sites give attractive and amazing bonuses and offer.

24/7 Customer Service for punters with problem

No matter how experienced a punter you are at some point you need customer support. So always choose a betting site that has good customer support that solves the punters’ issues instantly. The above-listed betting sites have good customer support that solves any queries instantly.

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Instant withdrawals

Imagine you have won a massive amount upon a successful bet but you have to wait for a long period of time to withdraw your winnings this hurts a lot right. But this will not happen if you choose a betting site that gives instant withdrawals to its clients. Always make sure that you choose a betting site that offers quicker withdrawals.

Wide selection of games

Many bookmakers don’t allow punters to bet on various sports but the best betting sites will always allow punters to bet on various sports and casino games. The above-listed websites allow punters to bet on various sports like Cricket, soccer, tennis, hockey, Horse riding, greyhound, and many more. Apart from this they also have casino games like Andar Bahar, Blackjack, lucky 7, Live Dealer, Teen Patti, Roulette, Poker, Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, and many more

Live streaming of Matches

Always choose a betting site that has an option of watching the live streaming of matches. If the bookmaker is not providing this feature we highly recommend you not to select the site. If the site does not have this option a punter has to get live scores from external sources while betting in-play which distracts him and he might lose the bet.

Suitable to your betting style

Everyone’s betting style differs from one another try to identify your betting style and make sure that you choose a betting site that suits your betting style. Check out the above betting sites we are sure that you will find the website that suits your betting site.   


IPL’s 15th edition is arriving on 26th March 2022. And it is considered a festival for online bettors this is the perfect time to show your betting skills. What are you waiting for? Visit the above-listed IPL betting sites and get your betting id today also remember do’s and don’ts while betting online. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative.

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