Best Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites in India – 2023

Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites

Indian Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is one of the most successful Kabaddi leagues in India it was first introduced in 2014. Most of the punters like to bet on Pro Kabaddi betting sites.

Most Indian punters like to bet on cricket yet every season, millions of punters enjoy betting on Kabaddi and join in the best Kabaddi betting sites, and place bets on their favorite kabaddi team. This shows that punters also like to bet on Kabaddi.

If you think that betting on pro kabaddi is fun then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss the best Pro kabaddi betting sites in India and give you tips to choose one of the best pro kabaddi betting sites to join.

Betting on Pro Kabaddi 2022

Pro Kabaddi was founded in India in 2014. Eight teams consisting of players from across the world participate in this Kabaddi League and in 2017 the League added two more new teams which gave more popularity to Pro Kabaddi League (PKL).

Punters who never knew about this sport a few years ago are now so passionate to bet on this sport. Through the PKL Kabaddi has got the recognition it deserves. With this Pro Kabaddi Betting sites have seen a drastic hike in the numbers of punters betting on Pro Kabbadi.

As you can bet on IPL and other cricket matches you can also bet on Pro Kabaddi. It is simple to place bets on Pro Kabaddi on your phones all these Pro kabaddi betting sites offer punters to place bets prior to matches or during the matches.

The most popular Pro kabaddi betting elements include winner of the match, best rider, best defender, and many more.

Why bet on Pro Kabaddi?

Before diving into the list of best pro Kabaddi betting sites let’s understand why to bet on Pro Kabaddi?

If you watch kabaddi then you know how exciting and intense these matches will be and betting on them will make you more exciting. Moreover, watching it live and placing bets on live matches make it more exciting.

How to Join Best Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites?

Before you bet on pro kabaddi you need to join any one of the Pro kabaddi Betting Sites. It will be challenging because there are not many Pro kabaddi betting sites available in India. Most sports betting sites focus on European bettors and American countries, where there is no concept of Kabaddi.

However, over a period of time, there is an increase in the number of punters betting online we have seen an increase in good Kabaddi betting Websites.

How to Choose the Best Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites?

As we have mentioned earlier that finding a good website to bet on Kabaddi is a difficult task because of the rarity of the sport. But with the help of our guide, it will be easy for you to find a good website to bet on.

Let us have a look at some factors that you need to keep in mind while finding the best Pro kabaddi Betting sites:

Easy Registration 

Nothing is more boring and irritating than complicated registration or sign-up procedures. There are a lot of websites that have a simple sign-up process. Do not stick to one site skip all those websites that have a lengthy and complicated sign-up process.

A good betting website will never irritate its clients with a lengthy and complicated sign-up process.

Promotion and Welcome Bonuses

While signing up for Pro Kabaddi betting sites always choose websites that provide good and attractive coupons, promotions, and welcome bonuses.

For instance, Satsport is an excellent Pro Kabaddi betting site that offers a 100% Sign up bonus to encourage their new clients.

Live Betting

Always look for betting websites that allow clients to bet on live matches, especially if you are planning to bet on kabaddi.

If your online betting strategy is effective, then you should not go for a website that doesn’t allow live betting options.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is another feature that you should look for while selecting the Pro Kabaddi Betting sites. With this feature, users need not watch T.V screens for live scores with this users can see live matches on the website in a small window.

With this feature, the user will be focused on one thing which will help them to make effective live betting decisions to earn more profit.

Accepts Indian Currency

One of the most stressful processes for Indian Punters is to convert Indian currency. To avoid this process always opt for a website that allows you to withdraw and deposit money in Indian Rupees.

Before you trust any website and invest money, make sure you check out the currencies and payment methods it accepts.

Gambling License:

All the Pro Kabaddi betting sites aren’t legal and not licensed. These sites owners can scam the punters so always check whether the betting sites are legal and licensed or not. To overcome this problem we have listed down a list of Kabaddi betting sites that are licensed by Betfair.

Best Odds and Markets:

Always choose a website that provides excellent Odds and Markets

24/7 Customer Service

Always choose a website that has good customer service, be aware of websites that don’t have good customer support and avoid them.


List of Top 10 Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites.

If you are looking for trusted Pro Kabaddi betting sites then you are at the right place. We have brought you the top 10 best pro Kabaddi betting sites to make it easy for you. All the above features that we have mentioned above are available in these websites give them a try today.







2% to 100%

X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 10%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

10X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 5%

10X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount


Top 10 Legal Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites.


  1. Satsport247: India’s most favorite Pro Kabaddi betting sites among punters
  2. Satsport: Good for market odds
  3. Satfair: Best for beginners and excellent user interface
  4. Satbet: Easy and auto Withdrawal and Deposit
  5. SS Exchange: Designed for both Beginners and Professional Bettors
  6. Loutsbook247: Amazing ultra-high-definition live streaming
  7. Sky Exchange: Amazing for market odds
  8. Betxhub247: Easy to use and user-friendly Pro Kabaddi betting sites
  9. Diamond Exchange: Best for Indian punters
  10. Mony777: Best for in-play betting for Kabaddi.

How to place a bet on Pro Kabaddi

The process of betting on Pro Kabaddi may vary from sight to sight, but the general procedure is very similar.

Follow our guide and place the bet on a Pro Kabaddi match:

  • Choose the best Pro Kabaddi Betting sites
  • Log in to your betting site
  • Navigate to the Sports list
  • Select Kabaddi from the listed sports
  • Then select the league you want to bet on for instance: Pro Kabaddi League, Kabaddi World Cup, and many more.
  • Then select the match that you want to place a bet on for instance: Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans.
  • Once you select the match it will be added to your bet slip
  • Add the amount you wish to put in your bet slip
  • Once you are done with the above steps cross-check everything once and hit the confirm button.
  • Your bet is placed just wait for the results.

Note: This process seems to be easy but betting is all about making mindful decisions and predicting the future so always be careful and do not hurry in making decisions.

Tips to win in a bet on Pro Kabaddi Betting Sites

There are 2 simple rules to be a successful punter in Pro Kabaddi Betting sites

Study the game

The most important thing to win a bet in Pro Kabaddi is to forecast the game for that you have to study the game in deep.

Make a winning Strategy

Once you study the game you have to make a strategy that will lead to winning the bet. Different punters have different strategies some of the popular Pro Kabaddi betting sites strategies are: betting on the underdog team, finding the underrated Pro Kabaddi player is another good strategy, betting on Pro Kabaddi all-rounders is also a profitable strategy as they perform in one or the other way and so on.

A Kabaddi team consists of 12 players in total 7 players inside the court and 5 substitutes.

Yes, there are some Pro Kabaddi betting sites that allow Indian punters to bet on all Kabaddi matches.

Yes, most of the best Pro Kabaddi betting sites offer Kabaddi live streaming online.

Yes, but not all Pro Kabaddi betting sites accept Indian currency, so choose the Kabaddi betting site wisely from our list.

Every season 12 teams participate in Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)


Kabaddi is not only rising to the level of Cricket in India, but it has also left behind the other popular sports including Wrestling. After the Indian Premier League, Pro Kabaddi League is the most-watched sports tournament in India. With this, the craze of betting on the Pro Kabaddi league is also increased.

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