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Best Cash Out Betting Site in India for 2022: Being well planned on having good cash out betting site is crucial when deciding which bookmaker to go with as it can help to maximize the profit and cut the losses.

While selecting an online betting site, players will often be in search of the facility to do a cash out as well as other advantages on the site that can help them choose where to place wagers.

Cash outlets you be in control of as you have the advantage of withdrawing before your wager has even won. This money will still be yours after you have cashed out, even if you lose the bet.

Here are the top cash out betting sites for 2022. We have reached this list after proper research and analysis. You can check out our list and get yourself an advantage on your next game.

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Top 10 cash out sites breakdown

1- Satsport

Satsport is the top site for you if you are looking for a big and wide range of cash out options available. It is the top site in India that offers full cash out, partial cash out, and auto cash out to the players, making it one of the best on the Indian market for betting lovers throughout the year. Satsport is the type of site where you can play a wide variety of games and earn maximum profit.

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2- Satsport247

Satsport247 gives you an option to explore through the wide range of sports on the site including cricket and horse racing. Satsport247 is arguably one of the best online betting sites in India. The cash out system on the site is very effective and very similar to the majority of the bookmaker offerings.

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3- Satbet

Satbet has both partial and full cash out just like the other sites. The site is so friendly to the punters that you will be allowed to see which of the games that you would like to play are available for cash outs and which are not.

4- Satfair

If you are looking for cash out options, satfair is the best option available in India. Satfair is a great choice for selecting bookmakers considering its size when you compare it with the competitors. For all your cashouts, there is a clearly marked section in the account and it is easy to find it when you look for it. You will get a notification once your cash out is processed successfully. Satfair is the best site if you are looking for a new bookmaker.

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5- Ssexchange

Ssexchange is one of the only sites that can rival Satsport. Like Satsport, Ssexchange offers full cash out, auto, and partial cash out as well. The site is one of the finest in the Indian market. The site has both spread betting and a sportsbook for which the cash out works just fine.

 6- Lotus exchange

Lotus exchange, like the above-mentioned sites, also has both partial and auto cash out functionality, which makes the site one of the tops in the Indian market. Lotus exchange also has cash out option on the exchange part of the site and that is what makes them different from its rivals. It also has another brilliant feature that is it has a cash out feature that runs in play on horse racing, there is a faster refresh rate which lets you see the live cash updates during a race instead of the market being suspended once the race gets underway.

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 7- Betxhub247

Betxhub247 has the most reliable cash out system and it is one of the best in the Indian market. Betxhub247 has got both full and partial cash out options like their competitors in the market.

 8- Mony777

Mony777 is undoubtedly one of the best in the Indian market. It also has the system of full cash out and partial cash out. The punters won’t feel it difficult to find the cash out option as the button is clearly visible and there is a slider for the partial cash out on desktop and mobile. Mony777 is the best in terms of user-friendliness in India.

9- Diamondexch

In order to lock in a profit or loss, diamondexch allows the players an option to do a cash out. Many of the reviews are satisfactory and people are happy using the cash out. There have been cases where a cash out has gone up to 8000000rs. Like mony777, diamondexch is also another user-friendly site that has a clear button visible on the site.

A cash out can be shown through an example that if you had placed a bet on India to take 6 wickets of Australia by the 19th over, and they took 5 wickets in the 18th over. The bookmakers will calculate a value for you to do cash out to try and get you to take their offer. The offer they are giving will be lesser than what you ought to get when you win the bet. It is completely up to you to decide whether or not to take the offer.

In this system, a player is allowed to select the amount of your bet to cash out and the rest of it can still run on until the event has ended. This is a great opportunity for a punter to gain more control in the game. You will be able to ensure that you have winnings while you allow the rest of your stake to run.

As mentioned above, Satsport is the site you can approach for auto cash out, which is why it is one of the top sites in India. You can put in a request to cash out automatically, it will let off the burden of manually performing cash out. This is excellent for the users as the request applies even if you are logged out of your account.

Though there are different sites, the system for cash out is similar in most of them. Most sites will have a ‘my bets’ panel where you can see all the open wagers that are being kept. Here you will be able to figure out which wager is applicable for cash out.

The best time to cash out is when you are sure that you are going to lose the bet and you have a value for the cash out. If you have placed a wager on a football team and you know that they are not going to win, you can choose to cash out.

There might be some instances that your bet may be winning but you don’t have enough time on the clock, you may think that you will lose the bet. Instead of losing the whole bet, you can choose to cash out early.

Cash out suspension happens when bookies are updating the odds of the market. This simply means that the value of your cash out is restructured with the likelihood of you winning a bet.

There are numerous reasons for cash out being unavailable on the wager that you have placed. It depends on the markets to see whether the cash out is available or not. This includes bets that are placed on the leagues or tournaments and winning it.

There are many types of games that can be used for cash out in India and it varies from one site to another site. They are depicted below.

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Racing
  • Kabaddi

The bookies will vary on the rules that they have on whether you can cash out or not when you use free bets. Until the value of your cash out is higher than the bet you have placed for free, the bookies will make the cash out option unavailable. This is only because the stakes that you have bet on are free and not a part of any returns when you choose to use them.


Many fraudulent bidding sites can scam you and take you to your darkest days. Hence being aware is very necessary not to face the negative consequences.

Hence choosing the Ideal Bidding Site is very necessary.

We hope you liked this article and found the best cash out betting site in India 2022.

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