The 10th match of the T20 World Cup 2022 will be played by NAM vs UAE on Thursday, October 20. This is a group stage match that will be played to make a place in the Super 12 stage. NAM vs UAE match is very important for Namibia. Both Namibia and UAE teams are playing their last match in the group stage.
Namibia has played 2 matches before this, one against Sri Lanka which Sri Lanka lost to Namibia by 55 runs, and the second match was played by Namibia against Netherlands which unfortunately Namibia lost by 5 wickets. Now in this way, Namibia has played 2 out of 3 matches out of which 1 was won and 1 was lost. Now Namibia has to play its third and last match which will decide the fate of Namibia. If Namibia wins this match, Namibia will qualify for the Super 12 stage.
On the other hand, UAE is also playing its third and final match against Namibia. UAE had earlier played their first match against Netherlands which they lost by 3 wickets and played their second match against Sri Lanka in which they lost to Sri Lanka by 79 runs. UAE has been out of the tournament in a way after losing both their matches badly. A win or a loss for the UAE won’t make much of a difference to the UAE team as they are out of the tournament anyway, but a win or a loss for Namibia will make a huge difference. Now, from the body language of the Namibian team, it seems that the Namibian team will fight for their lives and enter the field for this NAM vs UAE match.

NAM vs UAE Match Details

Match: Group A, NAM vs UAE, 10th Match ICC T20 World Cup

Date: Thursday, 20 October 2022

Time: 1:30 PM (IST)

Venue: Simonds Stadium, Geelong  

NAM vs UAE Team Analysis

Namibia Team Analysis

Namibia defeated Sri Lanka in the opening match of the T20 World Cup 2022. Jan Frylinck played very well in the Namibian team, he scored 44 off 28 balls with 4 fours and was run out. Jan Frylinck also played great in the second match against Netherlands, he scored 43 off 48 balls with the help of 1 six and 1 four. Stephan Baard scored 26 off 24 balls in the first match against Sri Lanka and added well to the team’s total scores. Batting in the second match against the Netherlands, he scored 19 off 22 balls. In the first match against Sri Lanka, David Wiese bowled well and scored 16 in his 4 hours and dismissed 2 players. Bernard Scholtz bowled well and dismissed 2 players in the same match, by giving 18 scores in his 4 overs. In the second match against the Netherlands, Namibian bowler J J Smit scored 24 in his 4 hours and dismissed 2 players. Jan Frylinck got 1 wicket by giving 16 scores in 4 hours. Overall, the Namibian team is in good form and looks to be in a better position than the UAE.

UAE Team Analysis

The record of the UAE team in the World Cup 2022 has not been good so far. They lost both their matches. If it is said that the exposure of the UAE team is not much in T20 cricket, then it will not be wrong. UAE’s first match was against the Netherlands in which they gave a very low target while batting first. The most prominent score in the UAE team was scored by Muhammad Waseem, he scored 41 off 47 balls. Vriitya Aravind was second, he scored 18 off 21 balls. At the third position, Kashif Daud scored 15 off 14 balls. As a whole, the strike rate of all the team’s batsmen was very low, which led to giving fewer targets and then losing. Chasing the target of 152 runs against Sri Lanka in the second match, the entire full team was bowled out for 73 runs. Among the highest scorers is Ayan Afzal Khan who scored 19 off 21 balls. Junaid Siddique scored 18 off 16 balls and got out. Chirag Suri scored 14 off 19 balls and returned to the pavilion.

NAM vs UAE Squad

Namibian Squad

Gerhard Erasmus (c), JJ Smit, Divan la Cock, Stephan Baard, David Wiese, Nicol Loftie Eaton, Jan Zane Green, Ruben Trumpelmann, Bernard Scholtz, Tangeni Lungameni, Michael van Lingen, Ben Shikongo, Karl Birkenstock, Lohan Louwrens, Helao Ya France.

Namibia Expected Playing 11

Gerhard Erasmus (c), JJ Smit, Divan la Cock, Stephan Baard, Nicol Loftie Eaton, Jan Frylinck, David Wiese, Ruben Trumpelmann, Zane Green, Bernard Scholtz, Michael van Lingen.

UAE Squad

Vriitya Aravind, Chirag Suri,C P Rizwan (c),  Muhammad Waseem, Karthik Meiyappan, Zawar Farid, Basil Hameed, Aryan Lakra, Alishan Sharafu, Kashif Daud,  Zahoor Khan, Junaid Siddique, Ahmed Raza, Sabir Ali, Aayan Khan. Standby Players: Sultan Ahmed, Adithya Shetty, Vishnu Sukumaran, Fahad Nawaz, Sanchit Sharma.

UAE Expected Playing 11

C P Rizwan (c), Vriitya Aravind, Chirag Suri, Muhammad Waseem, Basil Hameed, Aryan Lakra, Zawar Farid, Kashif Daud, Karthik Meiyappan, Ahmed Raza, Zahoor Khan.

NAM vs UAE Match Prediction

One and only one Namibia is the favorite in NAM vs UAE match. If I were to tell you in percentages, what I think is that a 90% chance of winning the match is for Namibia out of 100 and only a 10% chance is for UAE. Because UAE could not do anything in the previous two matches. If UAE had managed to make a big total in any single match, it could be said that the competition would be equal. But the competition will be good, but Namibia will be dominant in this match. Namibia can win this match and make a place in Super 12 and therefore they are going to the field with full preparation.

NAM vs UAE Betting Tips

My advice to the gamblers is that I see Namibia’s luck shining bright. If you gamble on Namibia’s victory, you will definitely win. I have told you the performance of both teams so far and the weaknesses and strengths of both teams. If you decide by keeping the bright and dark sides of both teams in front, then of course you will bet on Namibia to win.