Indiabet - An in-depth review » User Guide & Bonuses

There are a lot of different websites that you can use to place bets on sporting events or casino games that are your favorites. Indiabet, however, offers something new that may attract more customers. Are you intrigued by the prospect of placing bets online without having to use any of your own money? If so, Indiabet is the site you should be using.

In the following section of our in-depth analysis, you will learn how the website operates, which games it provides to its users, and how they can win rewards.

Indiabet – Unique features

Indiabet does not charge you to play slot machines or place live bets on high-odds sporting events. Because they employ Indiabet Rupees (IBR), a virtual currency, you don’t need to deposit any real money to play.

You will receive 500 IBR just by registering an account on the website, and you will have the opportunity each day to earn additional IBR by doing various tasks, such as playing a minigame or customizing your image. Because of this, there is no chance that you will run out of IBR at any point in the future.

You can use your IBR to enter prize draws for mobile phones and other things.

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Indiabet – Safety features

Indiabet just demands your email address, therefore using their website is risk-free. If you chance to win a prize draw. You will be asked for your real name and delivery address in order to claim your prize. If you do not submit these details, the reward will not be sent to you.

There is no need to be concerned about errant transactions involving deposits or withdrawals.

You never need to use cash to bet on games and events or keep playing after you use up your daily IBR.

Indiabet – Game Library

Casino Games

The game selection at Indiabet encompasses popular options including blackjack, roulette, and video poker. Andar Bahar, Jhandi Munda, Teen Patti, and Lucky 7 are additional popular Indian card games you can play.

In addition to what has been discussed thus far, there is also a daily version of Wheel of Fortune.

Lottery Games

Do you enjoy playing games like the lottery? Then we have some wonderful information to share with you: Matka is a popular game in India, and Indiabet offers its own take on the traditional game.

You can bet on the numbers or the final digit of the numbers drawn twice an hour.

You can also access a “How to Play” guide for each game on the site, which lays out all of the guidelines in a manner that is easy to grasp. This will help you understand everything before playing.

Indiabet – Virtual Games Library

Sports betting can be fun, but there may be times when there are no games, especially during the off-season.

Online games are involved. Users at Indiabet have the ability to wager on virtual matches of cricket and horse racing, with outcomes that are created by computers and updated every few seconds.

You may watch a live cricket commentary that exactly mimics the thrill of a real game and bet on all the betting markets.

The website also has mini-games for cricket and soccer where you can bet any amount and click to get a randomly generated outcome. Due to their virtual nature, these games are largely dependent on fate and chance, but they are a terrific method to quickly earn IBR.

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The Indiabet – Sports betting

You may place bets on a variety of prominent sports on Indiabet, including cricket, soccer, horse racing, and tennis. You can also place bets on a number of less common sports, like the National Hockey League, motorsports, and esports competitions based on video games like Dota 2. Additionally, live bets can be placed on the majority of these different markets.

How to place bets at India via Indiabet

The technique of placing bets on this platform is identical to the one used by any other bookmaker operating online, with the exception that you won’t be spending any actual money. Instead, you will be transacting with Indiabet in-house virtual currency, which is abbreviated IBR.

Payments at Indiabet

The only accepted form of payment on the website is the Indiabet Rupee, abbreviated as IBR for short. A set quantity of IBR can be wagered on a casino game or sporting event, and the winnings will be proportional to the odds on which the wager was placed.

Rewards and Bonuses on Indiabet

The website utilizes a star system to determine how much of a reward to provide to each gamer. The majority of the time, placing a wager of one hundred IBR on a game will get you one star. These stars can be exchanged for entries into a prize draw that will be run by the platform, with the price of each entry being one star.

The prize draw will award the winners with a variety of items, such as keychains, mugs, T-shirts, and even mobile phones. To prove the rewards are real, the website lists past winners who have claimed and received their prizes.

Players who have used up all of their IBR can swiftly replenish their supply by participating in bonus games. An additional choice is to finish a few chores on the website, such as filling up your user profile in its entirety.

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Registration Process on Indiabet

The process of signing up for an account on the website is pretty easy and uncomplicated; however, in order to create an account, you must be at least 18 years old. The following is a guide that we have prepared:

  • The website opens with a pop-up asking about your betting interests.
  • Click “Join India Bet” to sign up.
  • Enter your website name, email, and strong password.
  • Click “Create Account” and check “I am above 18.”
  • Open the confirmation email and click “Confirm your Account.”
  • This redirects you to the website, where you must log in.

Customer Support at Indiabet

Indiabet extensive FAQ section answers most questions. The website also has game rules and level system information. Support requests can help you resolve an issue. Post or email your question to their support website.

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Beginners can play casino games and sports betting markets on Indiabet. It also wonderfully conveys the thrill of betting without risking real money.

The reward system for playing games and betting and the weekly prize draws, which are like lotteries but free and award actual prizes, make the site entertaining. Indiabet offers daily IBR to keep you amused!

We hope you liked this article and found the complete and an honest Indiabet review along with user guide.

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