Super Smash League

One of our favorite Twenty20 competitions in New Zealand is called the Super Smash League. It is a low-key event, it does not have the glitter that the Big Bash does, and the New Zealand international summer continues alongside it, which prohibits their finest players from participating. Nevertheless, the level of play is incredible. It is truly astounding to witness the amount of depth that New Zealand possesses in their cricket team.

In addition, the matches are typically quite high-scoring. It scores reaching 220 on a regular basis due to the small stadiums and flat pitches.

Participants of the Super Smash League 

  • Wellington Firebirds
  • Canterbury Kings
  • Central Districts Stags
  • Otago Volts
  • Northern Knights
  • Auckland Aces

The format of Super Smash League

The format of the Super Smash League is as similar as any of the other T20 leagues that are being played worldwide.

The team that finishes in first place after the group stage will go to the Final. While the teams who finish second and third will compete against one another in an Elimination match to determine the other team that will compete for the title.

Only six different teams will compete in the Super Smash. They start off with a format that is similar to a double round-robin. Then it will move on to the preliminary finals and the actual final after that. This structure makes it possible to have a more open season and ensures that everyone has a shot right up until the very end. However, the team that had the best overall performance throughout the season is still the favorite to win the Super Smash. Throughout the tournament’s history, there have been a few very strong teams.


Each squad competing in the Super Smash can bring a maximum of two players from outside the country. This is fewer than some other top leagues and helps to keep many local players in the league. Where they can blossom and become stars for the New Zealand cricket team.

This helps to keep the league competitive. Or, depending on the circumstances, a place where they can make a name for themselves before being sent to play in India, England, or Australia.

The History of the Super Smash league

Since 2005, the event known as the New Zealand Super Smash has taken place annually. That might not sound like much, but it actually implies that it has been around longer than many other Twenty20 leagues that are more popular. During that period, it has gone through a number of name changes. Some of which is due to a change in structure. Meanwhile, others are entirely due to the sponsorship. This will be covered in a little bit more detail a little bit later on.

From the beginning of the season in 2008 until the conclusion of the season in 2014, the champion of the Super Smash was awarded entry into the prestigious Champions League Twenty20 to be held in the same year that they won the Super Smash title. This privilege continued until the season ended in 2014.

Seasons of the Super Smash League

In the first season of the Super Smash, the Canterbury Wizards beat the Auckland Aces in the final by 6 wickets. The Aces won the second Super Smash season by beating the Otago Volts. This made up for the close call they had in the first season.

They went on to win the Super Smash title several more times between 2006 and 2017. They are one of the most successful teams in the competition. Between 2010 and 2012, they may have had their best years. In those three years, they won two titles and came in second once.

The Aces are usually close to the top at the end of the season. Though teams like the Wellington Firebirds, who won the title in 2014/2015 and again in 2016/2017, have been better than them in recent years.

Super Smash League – Sponsors and Broadcasters

The title sponsors of the Super Smash League usually come before the name of the league. In the years 2017 and 2018, it was Burger King that sponsored the league. This is why the league was known as the Burger Kings Super Smash. Prior to the Burger King era, it was McDonald’s Super Smash League and Georgie Pie Super Smash League. Currently, Dream 11 holds the position of title sponsor.

There aren’t many TV channels that broadcast the games from the Super Smash League. However, if you are located in New Zealand, you will be able to watch Sky Sports (not to be confused with Sky Sports in the United Kingdom). You ought also to be able to locate live matches being streamed online, in addition, to live matches being broadcast on some athletic networks in Australia and pretty much wherever else that people enjoy watching cricket.


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