Vision11 Review: Best Picks For Fantasy players in India

Vision11 review

Cricket is immensely popular in India, and Vision11 stands out as one of the diverse fantasy games during the World Cup season. It adds a festive touch as friends and family predict outcomes and place small bets on their favorite teams.


Vision11 is a recent fantasy sports app gaining traction in India. Despite its newness, it offers generous awards and has amassed over 1.7 million downloads with 200k+ reviews on Instagram and Telegram. It is a legal and reliable fantasy sports platform, with simple bank verification for users.

Safety Assurance:

Is Vision11 safe to use? Yes Vision11 ensures a completely reliable and secure environment. They prioritize user privacy, clearly outlining how they handle user information in their privacy policy and terms of service.

Reasons to Choose Vision11

  1. Huge Game Library: The app offers a vast game library, providing users with various options, including tournaments and one-sided games.
  2. Team Formation: Assemble your team with a balanced player selection using Vision11 Fantasy App features. You can pick up to 7 participants for cricket.
  3. Play with Friends and Family: Enjoy games with loved ones, forming teams and playing multiple games simultaneously, creating a harmonious gathering.
  4. Win Cash Prizes: Vision11 offers attractive cash prizes up to Rs 100, along with other rewards, appreciating users’ time and money.

Showcase Skills on Leaderboard

Vision11 allows users to showcase their wins and ranks their performance on leaderboards. As you climb upward, you receive various awards that can be used for unique accessories or discounts.

Deposits and Withdrawals

payment methods

The process is simple. For deposits, select Account, click Add Cash, add prize money, apply promo code if any, and complete the transaction through wallets, UPI, or cards. Withdrawals are hassle-free, with instant access to your winnings in your bank account.

Referral Code System

Vision11’s referral code system lets users earn real money when others download the app using their code. New users receive 100 app credits when joining with a referral code.

Customer Care

Vision11 offers round-the-clock customer service. Users can chat or contact the provided number for assistance. The app is strict against cheating and actively addresses user complaints.

Getting the Referral Code

Access your referral code in your profile’s “Refer and Earn” option. Share it with friends to earn rewards and check the ‘Refer List’ to see who joined using your code.

Final Thoughts

Vision11 Fantasy App is a great platform for earning real money while enjoying the game. With a 4-star rating on the Google Play Store, it provides an avenue to apply sports knowledge. Users are encouraged to use the app responsibly to avoid financial risks.

Contact Information

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Start your betting journey now and make the most of your cricket knowledge!


Vision11 is a new fantasy cricket app in which you need to apply skill and knowledge to win money.

Vision11 is a completely safe and secure fantasy betting system. It is foolproof from careless use, data theft, and addiction.

Interested people can download the Vision11 app from the app store and playstore, or from the official website.