Khelraja: Best sportsbooks in India review

Khelraja: Best sportsbooks in India review

Kings Technology Services runs the casino and sports betting website Khelraja. It provides a wide variety of games and perks. This gambling website is not just another online casino because it caters to all users, regardless of their financial situation or level of experience.

It is the one-stop shop for all genres; it offers mobile games, slots, blackjack, and roulette all on the same website. With their mobile apps or website, you may wager on the bulk of international sporting events. Every option will be covered in this review so you can decide exactly where you want to go on this website.

Khelraja: An overview

Khelraja is a fantastic and well-known casino and betting website with a wide selection of games that have helped it become well-known in the online gaming industry. In addition to being of the highest quality, the games are also incredibly simple to grasp, which makes the experience even more fun.

It gives gamblers a large number of games from which to choose, all of which are readily available. All of the games that it offers are of a high caliber, and the bonus features provide you the chance to increase your winnings.

One of its greatest advantages is that this site has such a wide variety of games, which makes it one of the most appealing betting sites that are well-liked by customers. Another well-known feature of this website is the fantastic perks it gives new its members.

Khelraja: Pros and Cons


  • First off, playing Khelraja at the casino is totally free. They also provide you the option to play for as long as you like. Finally, players may boost their chances of striking it rich by playing a variety of games while on the road thanks to the wide selection of slots and other games. Last but not least, the customer care team is extremely courteous and well-versed in all of their games and slot machines.
  • The website is incredibly user-friendly. Everything, from the UI to the navigation, is made to be as simple as possible. The UPI feature is also one of its key selling points.
  • Hence, since you don’t have to wait for transactions to complete, depositing and withdrawing are not a big concern.


  • Poor website bandwidth is one of the main issues with it, which means that you can be in for some extremely horrible web performance and a difficult time while you try to play online games, which can be a pain for all different types of players.
  • The platform lacks a mobile application.

Khelraja: Bonuses and promotions

One of the key components that draw players in is a welcome bonus. Each player is aware of the bonuses they will receive for signing up with the platform. With its betting site, it provides one of the best introductory bonuses available. Below are the methods for doing so.

  • Go to the website.
  • You can choose “welcome offers” by selecting the option on the first page of Khelraja.
  • Now click on welcome offers to see the offers’ full terms and conditions.
  • Register right now to receive the welcome bonus.

Khelraja: Deposits and withdrawals


It is renowned for its quick customer service, and its depositing process is likewise quite straightforward and quick. At Khelraja, topping your wallet merely takes a few minutes. The procedures for making a deposit at Khelraja are as follows.

  • Join now.
  • After login in, select Deposit from the drop-down menu on the very first page.
  • Choose your favorite option from the list of choices, then enter the information.
  • Choose the method by which you want to carry out the transaction.
  • Let’s use UPI as an illustration.
  • Input a value between 400 and 50,000 INR.
  • The transaction won’t take more than a few minutes to finish.

Khelraja doesn’t offer its users numerous options or a variety of deposit ways. Their deposit technique is quick, however, there aren’t many options.

  • UPI
  • E-Wallet
  • Online Banking

When it comes to depositing alternatives, it doesn’t provide many possibilities, but its deposit limitations do make them stand out. Their deposit ranges from INR 400 to 50,000, which is a relatively low deposit cap. Although some customers may argue that their maximum limit is still modest when compared to other websites, it strives to provide its users with services that are risk-free.


The same problem with Khelraja’s lack of deposit options also applies to withdrawals. They have a very strict policy and don’t offer their users many withdrawal options. The withdrawal procedure is as follows.

  • Visit and log into your Khelraja account.
  • Choose Withdrawal from the homepage’s menu.
  • Choose a value between 200 and 100,000 Indian rupees.
  • The account name, IFSC, bank, and branch should be filled in.

Only the outdated bank transfer mode of withdrawal is preferred by it. Presently, websites like Parimatch offer cash on delivery and Bitcoin withdrawal options, but Khelraja chooses the safest approach to finish the withdrawal process, which is understandable given the rise in Bitcoin and UPI Transfer cybercrime incidents.

It is extremely unusual to see in this day and age for the Khelraja gas withdrawal limit to be lower than the deposit limit. They have a 200 INR minimum and a 100,000 INR maximum withdrawal restriction. Their quick withdrawal process is the icing on the cake, and their low withdrawal limit is the cherry on top. The fact that 10 withdrawals are allowed each day is another significant bonus for users.

Khelraja: Mobile app review

Khelraja’s lack of an app for its platform is one of its greatest drawbacks. It is a well-known website currently, thus it is a shame that there isn’t an app for its customers. Despite having just revealed that there would soon be Android and iOS versions of their app. Live streaming possibilities will also be available on their app.

Khelraja: Safety and security

It is a reputable online casino and sportsbook. There are several reasons why people trust us, but the primary ones are the backing we receive from our players and the reputation for professionalism that we’ve built up inside the business.

We have consistently made an effort to put player pleasure first, which has helped us build a strong reputation and fan base among our clients. This website’s ability to work on any platform, whether you want to start betting or play casino games on your Android phone or on your iPad, is another impressive feature.

Khelraja: Sports wagering review

When it comes to sports betting, it is an excellent website. When it comes to sports betting, it has a sizable network. Many of the renowned tournaments that are taking place to allow you to play your betting game. In the E-sports section, where your preferred online games are played, you may also place bets. They provide live casinos, slots, e-sports, and more in addition to sports betting.

Khelraja: Customer support

The customer care provided by Khelraja is good and can assist you in finding answers to your questions. To make it easier for players to communicate with their agents, it also offers an online customer support facility and a live chat window that are available around the clock.

To handle your problems, it also offers additional options including email and toll-free phone numbers. Yet, their customer service is quite good when compared to other websites and platforms.

Khelraja: Our verdict

If you’re looking for a definitive judgment, we may state that it offers adequate services overall but falls short in offering possibilities for deposits and withdrawals. Just Cricket is available in their virtual gaming section, which is another drawback. They only began in 2020, but already they are beginning to establish themselves in the market. Khelraja is a fantastic platform for new players, but it doesn’t offer many options for various aspects that experienced players could find objectionable.

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