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From small-scale amateur leagues at suburban rinks to the Olympic Gold Medal match. This is just one example of some of the fiercest inter-city rivalries anywhere on the planet. Hockey is more than a sport. It has become an obsession for millions of hockey fans all over the globe. Exchmarket Sports, a passionate hockey fan and a provider of hockey betting lines, is obsessed with making this sport even more exciting.

Although there are many similar sports that date back to the past, most agree that Montreal is the home of ice hockey today. It was here that the Victoria Skating Rink hosted the first organized game in 1875. The city also hosted the first ‘world championships in 1883 as part of its winter carnival. Today, professional hockey leagues are available in many countries on six continents. There are also two women’s leagues and international competitions that have captured the imaginations of people all over the globe. This is more than 100 years ago. The US/Canadian NHL dominates Western hemisphere headlines, but Russia could also claim that they are the most dominant force in the game with their unprecedented 27 World Championships wins (although Canada’s eight Olympic Gold medals are one less than Russia’s). Exchmarket will always be there, no matter where the puck drops.

Hockey Odds

Hockey’s appeal lies in its speed and dynamic nature. You need a hockey betting company that is fast and flexible enough to keep up. Exchmarket offers the value assurance that you need to focus on your hockey betting selections. We constantly monitor our markets to make sure that we are offering the most competitive price. Exchmarket offers the hockey betting markets that you want, regardless of whether you prefer to place those calls in advance or as the action unfolds. It also provides a platform that is easy to use, no matter where you are located.

If you have a feeling that one side will be celebrating after a match, the Win/Draw/Win Market should be your first port of call. Our Correct Score 3-Way handicap markets are for those who know exactly what the final scoreboard will look like. You may find ice hockey betting markets, depending on the game, that let you bet on outcomes such as whether either team will score, whether all goals will be equal or odd, and the winning margin.

Hockey Betting Picks

Our multi-award-winning blog, Exchmarket Insider is packed with analysis and tips from industry insiders, veteran gamblers, and seasoned journalists. It should be your first source for NHL picks or predictions.

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Major Tournaments and Hockey Events

The Exchmarket Insider goes beyond ice hockey tips. The Insider also offers tips and information about all aspects of betting, including strategies and tips on a wide variety of other sports like boxing, bandy and golf betting. 

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