DY Patil Stadium Pitch Report

dy patil stadium

DY Patil is the third and newest fully functional cricket stadium in Mumbai. It is notable for its layout and seating arrangements. With a 45,000 capacity, it’s the second-biggest cricket venue in India after Eden Gardens.

The entire ground has bucket seats and cantilever roofs. This is to ensure that every fan has a clear and comfortable viewing experience.

The ground is located inside the DY Patil University campus in Nerul. It is approximately 50 kilometers east of Mumbai. It is owned by the DY Patil Sports Academy. The stadium was built for Rs one billion (US$ 25 million) by renowned Indian architect Hafeez Contractor. It was the idea of the institution’s benefactor, Vijay Patil. 

DY Patil Stadium – Features

Here are some of the highlighted features of DY Patil Stadium. Go through it to understand the Stadium in detail.

Seating capacity

The DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai has the seating capacity to accommodate around 45000 people. This means that around 45000 cricket and football fans can be seated at the stadium to watch their favorite team play.

Pitch and outfield

250 tons of clay were imported from South Africa for the ground. The pitch was created with input and direction from South African scholars Neil Tainton and John Klug.

Red soil is commonly used for outfields in Indian stadiums. The outfield often gets thick and sluggish after it rains. Sand is used in the outfield to reduce the impact of rain. A fully hidden subterranean drainage system aids in the speedy removal of water.

There is a nursery ground on the DYPSA site, along with ten practice pitches.

Stadium roof

The stadium has a top-class roof. It is made from a certain type of fabric imported from Germany. DY Patil Stadium has the largest fabric roof in India. It is also India’s first fabric roof.

The sound system in the stadium

The DY Patil Stadium has the best sound system among the Indian stadiums. It is the first sports stadium in the world with a full-blown concert-level music system. You can hold concerts and events in the stadium apart from the sports.

Stadium lighting

With the tallest towers in the nation, the entire ground is brilliantly lit. Furthermore, the excellent lighting makes sure that the stadium is ready for the newest television technology. Such as HDTV (High Definition TV).

There are permanent diesel generators in the stadium. It is constructed to guarantee a continuous power supply during the games.

They try to reduce the stadium’s negative environmental effects. A 500 KW solar plant has been erected to supply more than 70% of the energy needed for the facility.

Safety and Security

A network of digital cameras records high-quality photographs of spectators. These are then forwarded to security organizations. India is the first country with Axis cameras. They are manufactured by a corporation located in Sweden and have been placed.

It compares the surveillance system to traditional Closed Circuit TV (CCTV).

The stadium has firefighting and evacuation capabilities and is built to withstand earthquakes.

Media Center

The media is always welcome at the stadium. There is enough room for every media person to sit. A total of 120 people can be seated at the media center. All kinds of facilities are provided for the media people.

DY Patil Stadium – Cricket Statistics

Here are some of the interesting cricket statistics from the matches that took place at the DY Patil Stadium.

T20 Domestic

ODI Stats

T20I Stats

Total Match Played: 7

Total Match Played: 0

Total Match Played: 0

Batting First Won: 1

Batting First Won: 0

Batting First Won: 0

Batting Second Won: 6

Batting Second Won: 0

Batting Second Won: 0

Tie: 0

Tie: 0

Tie: 0

Avg. Score in 1st bat: 143

Avg. Score in 1st bat: 0

Avg. Score in 1st bat:0

Highest Score: Pune Warriors 187/5

Avg. Score in 2nd bat: 0

Avg. Score in 2nd bat:0

Lowest Score: Punjab Kings 112/8

Highest Score: 0

Highest Score: 0

Scoring Pattern

Lowest Score: 0


Below Score 150: 5

Scoring Pattern

Scoring Pattern:

Score between 150 and 169: 1

Below Score 200: 0

Below Score 150: 0

Score between 170 and 189: 1

Score between 200 and 249: 0

Score between 150 and 169: 0

Above Score 190: 0

Score between 250 and 299: 0

Score between 170 and 189: 0


Above Score 300: 0

Above Score 190: 0


DY Patil Stadium – is it a batting or bowling pitch?

They created a springy and authentic surface. 200 tonnes of earth were brought from South Africa. The entire outfield of the ground was meticulously tilled. Sand-based grass is used in the main ground’s outfield. This offers the advantages of simple drainage and reduced risk of player injuries.

Water dispersal will be aided by a drainage system built beneath the main surface. To prevent glare for batters during twilight games, four taller floodlight towers have been installed. It’s a batting pitch as a result.

DY Patil Stadium – History of the pitch

  • The Indian Super League selected the DY Patil Stadium as Mumbai City FC’s home field in 2014. Mumbai City FC played all of their home games at DY Patil Stadium.
  • The Hero ISL 2014 Final between Atletico de Kolkata and Kerala Blasters FC was also held at the stadium. Compared to Cooperage Ground, it was chosen.
  • The FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Finals in 2020 will take place at the stadium once more. With a 55,000 capacity, it is the ninth-largest cricket ground in India.
  • The stadium is less expensive than typical stadiums since it has bucket seats and cantilever roofs that don’t require pillars. This is the site of an annual interschool cricket match.


Here is the summary of the pitch report of DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai. We have listed all the features and stats of the stadium. You can read the pitch report and see how it favors a team in a match. You can also read the stats to understand the history of the pitch. The numbers will tell you what has been the pattern on the pitch so far. There are a lot more pitch reports upcoming on Exchmarket. You will also find various match predictions on the coming matches along with casino reviews.