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Cricket Betting

Although the exact origins of cricket remain a mystery, historians agree that it was born from informal games in the south-east English forests. We are ideally placed to offer you a wide range of cricket betting options, as the UK is the spiritual home and birthplace of cricket.

You’ll find all you need to enjoy the thrill of cricket betting in all formats of the game with our extensive pre-game or in-play markets. It’s easy to see how we are so proud of what we offer.

Exchmarket has the best place to bet on cricket, whether you want to spice up one of the oldest rivalries of sport with some In-Play Ashes betting or look for the winner of the next Cricket World Cup.

IPL Betting

IPL Betting. The Indian Premier League (IPL), was established in 2008. It is the most popular domestic cricket league worldwide. It was the first to adopt a franchise model for T20 competitions, and it is still very popular in IPL betting.

The IPL has eight teams, but it is the IPL’s major players who dominate. Stars like Shikhar Dhawan and Kane Williamson are T20 experts and international cricket stars. Dhoni and others have made their mark in the IPL.

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Many IPL alumni are greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Shane Warne, and Kevin Pietersen, some of whom remain as mentors or coaches.

The Mumbai Indians are one the most famous franchises. They are often among the contenders for honors, having won multiple IPL titles. Past champions include the Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

There are many other teams in the mix with stellar talent. For the IPL crown, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Daredevils are among those competing.

Even a little bit of IPL stardust is sprinkled over the league. Preity Zinta is a part owner of Kings XI Punjab. Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, and Kolkata Knight Riders are joint owners.

You could be new to IPL betting or an experienced IPL bettor. Exchmarket Sports offers you access to all the action in the most popular T20 cricket league.

IPL Odds

We are committed to making sure the IPL markets have the best odds and the IPL markets are the best. We are proud to say that our odds offer some of the most competitive online betting sites.

Our traders are just as passionate about IPL as you and they keep an eye on industry developments to make sure our pre-match IPL markets and in-play IPL odds offer the best value.

Pre-match betting on match winners, runs, total fours and sixes, each match’s top batter, and more.

As you watch the game live, make sure to keep your IPL betting in play. You can access the most up-to-the-minute markets for each ball and over.

Exchmarket IPL betting options will allow you to add your favorite IPL markets. You can even choose how to display your odds. To add an additional layer of convenience to your IPL betting, you can choose between American, fractional, or decimal formats.

Cricket Odds

Exchmarket is known for its wide range of cricket betting markets. But what really makes Exchmarket the best destination for cricket betting fans is our commitment to providing the best cricket odds.

Our team of skilled traders are experts in their respective fields and work tirelessly to monitor our cricket odds and the sportsbook against our competitors. We can guarantee that you get the best value in every cricket betting market thanks to their hard work.

Our odds can also be displayed in different formats depending on your personal preference. You can choose whether you prefer to work with odds in American, fractional or decimal formats.

Cricket Betting Tips

We offer expert cricket betting tips, IPL betting tips and other information through our sports blog.

You can find all the latest news and views on the Exchmarket blog. We’ll keep you informed about the latest news, views, and cricket betting tips, as well as advice on which teams are most likely to win the tournaments.

Ashes Betting

One newspaper suggested that Australia had won at The Oval in 1882. This idea, along with the suggestion that they would be returning home with the ashes of the English match, gave rise to a new name for this fixture. Fans around the globe follow the Ashes test series between these two heavyweights to find out who is going to win.

Exchmarket offers a wide range of Ashes betting options for both men’s and ladies’ series. You’ll also find the most competitive Ashes odds anywhere, including a variety of in-play and pre-game markets.

International Cricket Betting

An international competition was the first way that cricket spread throughout the globe. The best cricketers around the world strive to represent their country in international competitions.

Exchmarket offers international cricket betting. You’ll find the largest selection of in-play and pre-game markets for every International matchup. These include some of the most competitive international cricket odds.

T20 Cricket Betting (C90)

Boiling all the action and strategy of five-day cricket down to a match lasting less than three hours, the speed and intensity of T20 can sometimes make it seem like a completely different sport.

That said, Exchmarket takes exactly the same comprehensive approach to T20 cricket betting as for the longer forms of the game, making it easy to back a T20 cricket winner. For every encounter in all of the T20 series and tournaments that matter, you’ll find all the pre-game and in-play markets you could wish for, featuring the most competitive T20 cricket odds.

Other Major Tournaments

Exchmarket’s cricket betting coverage includes a wide range of tournaments and test series as well as leagues from around the globe.

The County Championship is a rollercoaster ride that lasts for a whole season. There are also the ICC Cricket World Cup’s knockout thrills and the Australian T20 Big Bash, which is a grind. Exchmarket will provide you with the best cricket betting, no matter what the competition.

Online Satta

Online Satta and betting on Cricket matches are now possible. You can also explore special offers such as Exchmarket Boosts and Super boosts for Cricket Satta. Online Satta can be played online by placing a build-your-bet. Get the Exchmarket app to enjoy the best online Satta experience.

You can choose from the best cricket Satta options such as Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, IPL, and Ashes, and experience the thrill of live satta with each ball.

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