How to Play Spider Solitaire | Rules, Tips, and Tricks

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is one of the amazing versions of Solitaire that has become popular over the period of time. Be it on the phone or on the computer kids and adults everyone likes to play this game. Like every game Spider Solitaire also has various difficulty levels starting from very easy to very hard. As you win the game your difficulty level will be increased. In this blog, you can read more about the rules, tips, and tricks of Spider Solitaire.

How to Play Spider Solitaire

The Spider Solitaire game is played with two standard decks of cards. The game’s objective is to bring in thirteen cards of a suit in ascending order from Ace to the king. Once the full suit is complete it is then dropped from the game. The player wins once he completes all eight suits.

Below is a brief guide on how to play Spider Solitaire.

Game set-up of Spider Solitaire

The game setup is an essential part of Spider Solitaire. As mentioned above a player needs two standard decks including a joker. Jokers are usually excluded by many players.

The Deal

In Spider Solitaire the deal is made in rows with ten piles of five cards in each row. The first four cards are dealt face down, while the last cards face up.

The Gameplay of Spider Solitaire

  • Shuffle the deck of your cards
  • Form a tableau by dealing 10 cards facing down in a row.
  • Deal out another 3 rows of 10 cards that are facing down.
  • Deal out 4 more cards face down. Then deal a further card that is a face-up card at the bottom of a ten pile stack.
  • The reaming cards will be used as stockpile cards.

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Rules of Playing Spider Solitaire

There are various versions of Spider Solitaire, but the basic rules of all the versions remain the same. Though all the versions have the same basic rules the cards may be moved differently. The different rules of the various versions are explained below.

4 suite version rules of Spider Solitaire

  • In the four suit version, a player can place a single card on another pile of cards if it has a lesser value than the one you want to put on the top. For instance, a player can place 6 of any suit or the same suit on any 7.
  • If you cannot make any more moves you can deal 10 cards to each column but the condition is that there should be at least one card in all the 10 rows.
  • You are allowed to move a group of cards in descending order in the same suit. For instance, a player can make a group of 10, 9, or 8 spades onto any joker.
  • The Player has to turn over face down in a column
  • You are allowed to take out an entire descending order in a single suit. For instance, when the playing cards are arranged from king of diamonds to ace of diamonds, you can take them out to win a game.
  • You can place a single card or any group of cards into an empty column.

2 suits version rules of Spider Solitaire

You can commonly play this version of Spider Solitaire on computers and mobile phones. You can imitate it with 2 standard decks by assuming that all black cards are in a single suite whereas all the red cards are in another suit. Quickly arrange them in the foundation piles as long as the available cards are in either color.

For instance, you can place 8 diamonds or 7 hearts onto any of the jokers. Players can also remove all the red cards arranged from the king to the ace. A column that has a complete group of a single suit is taken down from the game. The other rules follow the same rules as the four-suit version.

1 suit version rules of Spider Solitaire

In this version of Spider Solitaire, you have to consider that all cards be in the hands of the same suit to start the move. Therefore, players can place any group on the significant card in descending order. For instance, you can play 7 of hearts, 5 of spades, and 4 of diamonds and arrange them in the sequences. The other rules remain the same as the four-suit version.

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Tips to win Spider Solitaire

Below are some tips that will help you to win the game like a pro.

Reveal the hidden cards when necessary

The first tip to win at Spider Solitaire is revealing hidden cards brings in the chances of new moves. It is also an ideal way to create an empty pile.

Empty the piles as soon as possible

Always move the cards from columns that have lesser cards. Use empty piles for the time being to keep cards as soon as possible while rearranging the order. Move cards to the empty columns to turn over more cards.

Arrange on the higher cards first

While arranging the cards start with the cards of the highest ranks first. If a player starts with a low card, you will quickly end up in the pile with an ace. You cannot place the cards on top of an ace. If a player starts with higher cards like king, queen, or joker you can stack more cards into the stack below it.

Wait patiently to deal with more cards

Another important to winning at Spider Solitaire is to wait patiently to deal with more cards. The reason being is when you deal with more cards, it will block crucial moves if any were available. If you have empty columns, make sure that you use them before dealing with more cards.

Make the best use of Undo option

Always make sure that you use undo option in case you made a wrong move, this will increase your chances to win more while playing Spider Solitaire.

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Hope you understood how to play Spider Solitaire and its rules. Get your id now and play amazing online casino games available for you on the above-mentioned sites.

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