How to make a deposit on betting sites with Phonepe?

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India has been revolutionized with the bombardment of various digital payment gateways for betting sites. Though it took a while for commoners to understand how the system works, it has become a household item all over the country. Almost every shop in India no matter big or small, uses digital payment as a standard mode of transaction. Just like the regular transactions, the online betting space has also opened its gate toward digital payments while depositing and withdrawing money.

Phonepe is one of the biggest players in the Indian digital payment scene. More and more people are attracted to the seamless payment services offered by it. Here in this article, we will be discussing how to deposit on betting sites with PhonePe.

Why should you be going for Phonepe compatible betting sites?

There are numerous reasons to learn how to use PhonePe to deposit on betting sites. The most significant advantage is the great transfer speed. Over the last few years, the speed with which monies are transferred has greatly improved.

None, however, can match Phonepe’s rapidity of transfer, whether to a wallet or a bank account. The betting site will not impose any additional fees. When sending money over the Internet, one of the main concerns of any individual is safety and security. If you’re worried about security, you may discover how to deposit on betting sites with PhonePe right away.

How to deposit on betting sites with Phonepe?

It is important to learn the process behind performing a transaction before actually trying your hands on it. All it takes is to learn a few simple steps and you can become a pro in depositing on betting sites via Phonepe. Following are the steps that you need to understand in order to deposit through Phonepe.

Register an account on Phonepe

Before conducting any sort of transaction with the help of Phonepe, you will need to download the app from the respective stores and fill in all the necessary details that are required for the registration. Once the app is installed, it might ask for a varication to verify the phone number. This process will be followed by filling out personal details like name and email address.

Linking your bank account

After registering yourself with Phonepe, the next and the most important step to follow is to link your bank account with the app so that the transactions become transparent with the user and the bank even though the Phonepe acts as an intermediary. By completing the KYC norms and validating them, you can add your bank account to the Phonepe library. Once the process is done and dusted, the user can set up a UPI pin for security. The UPI pin that you set up can be used for further transactions.

Making the deposit

When you are done with the above-mentioned steps, the next step is to try and make an actual deposit into a suitable betting site with the help of Phonepe. A thing to keep in mind is that you should remember to keep Phonepe as the deposit option before entering the number of funds that will be transferred into the betting sites.

You will notice that the process of transaction happens in a jiffy and the funds are available in your account. Once the funds have arrived in your account, it is time to start betting with Phonepe compatible betting sites.

Best Phonepe betting sites in India

There has been a sudden upward curve in the growth of betting sites that are compatible with Phonepe over the last few years. It is a bit confusing for the newcomers into the betting scene to churn out the best from the list. Therefore, we have made a list for you. The following are some of the best Phonepe betting sites available out there.


Satsport247 is a familiar name among all the punters in India. Satsport247 has managed to emerge and rise into one of the top bookmakers in India with the sheer brilliance in features and the experience that it provides to its users. Although it has multiple payment gateways, Phonepe stands out among them.

The site has many games including online slots and table games along with the sportsbook. If you are a betting enthusiast and want the ease of access when it comes to payment and security, Satsport 247 is the site that you should look out for.


Satsport is one of the most popular betting sites in India. The focus of Satsport lies in catering to the best service that they can provide to the Indian punters. Satsport is the best site for the type of users who usually don’t spend much time learning how to deposit on betting sites. With the help of Phonepe, deposits and withdrawals are a cakewalk. Satsport has laid everything for the punters out there very beautifully and attractively.


Mony777 operates all over India like a king and they have been able to create a beautiful betting space for the Indian punters. Just like other betting sites, Mony777 also relies on multiple payment gateways but, Phonepe stands apart from all of them because of its seamless service and amazing accessibility.

Popular FAQs regarding Phonepe betting sites and deposits

As far as the laws and regulations are concerned, the legality of any betting site is not dependent on the payment modes that it is compatible with. A punter should always check for licensed bookmakers to register.

Yes, most bookmaker sites provide welcome bonuses and various offers to many of the payment options unless specified otherwise. The common payment mode that does not qualify for the welcome bonuses would be the e-wallet payment mode.

No, there are no additional costs incurred while using Phonepe for your betting transactions. This is one of the features that give the upper hand to Phonepe over other payment gateways.

There is a reason why millions of Indians are using this particular payment gateway as their medium of transactions, that is the safety and transparency that the site provides.


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