Everything about Joker Cards | History, Role, & guide to using it

Joker Cards

Are you attracted to Joker cards while playing card games? If yes, then you might have noticed how players can play without the joker cards. In most, card games joker plays an important role. Regardless of whether or not a joker is useful in the card game players choose to play, the card is very much a part of a standard 52-cards deck. Joker cards do not belong to any suit like Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and hearts, the card can be either extremely powerful or devastating.

Joker cards are used in many popular cards games such as Poker, Canasta, Indian Rummy, Crazy Eights, War, and many more. In this blog, we will learn more about the role and history of the joker in card games.

History of Joker Card

Back in the 1860s, the joker card first appeared in the game of Euchre. The card was introduced in the times when American Euchre players required one extra trump card to cope with the new rules of the game. In the initial days, the card was called the best bower, which was also the highest trump card, later the best bower was changed into a joker card. The first card was designed inimitably with the brand image of the company.

Today, the joker plays a unique and vital role while playing card games. In some variations of Rummy games, a joker card is used as a wild card which is used for substituting missing cards in order, making the order an impure one. In some variations of Poker, the joker is played as a wild card which is used to utter flushes and straights.

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Role of Joker card in Various Card Games

Euchre or 500: The joker is used as the highest trump card

Canasta: The joker is a wild card in the game and gives 50 points in melding

Gin Rummy: It is used as a wild card, the card can be used in any necessary rank or suit.

Chase the Joker: The joker card is used instead of the Ace.

Poker: The joker is played as a wild card which is used to utter flushes and straights

War: In some of the variations of war joker card beats all other cards.

Pitch: In this card game the jokers are usually marked as high and low, basically one outranking the other.

Daihinmin: In this card game the joker is used as a wild card or a deuce (that ends the round and cleans the discard pile)

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List of card games that includes the Joker card

Joker is used in many card games. Below we have mentioned the top 20 popular cards games that include Joker cards.

  1. Poker
  2. Rummy
  3. Euchre or 500
  4. Canasta
  5. Gin Rummy
  6. Chase the Joker
  7. Poker
  8. War
  9. Pitch
  10. Daihinmin
  11. Bridge
  12. Cribbage
  13. Go Fish
  14. Cheat
  15. Solitaire
  16. Slapjack
  17. Blackjack
  18. Old Maid
  19. Napoleon
  20. Ratscrew

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Ultimate Tips to use Joker in Card Games.

Here are some important tips to use a joker in some card games

  1. Club joker card with high-value cards
  2. Do not lose concentration from the pure Sequence
  3. Remove the cards closer to the Wild Card
  4. Aim to make multiple Melds

These were some of the important tips that you need to keep in mind while playing card games the tips may vary from game to game but they remain the same in most of the games.


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