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What are the Top 5 most popular sports for online betting in India?

What are the Top 5 most popular sports for online betting in India

Welcome to Exchmarket, Let’s explore what are the top 5 most popular sports for online betting in India?

In India, there are a number of high-profile sporting events on which online betting is very popular. With the advent of online betting sites. It has never been so easy to place an online bet on such sports. In fact, online sports betting in India is more popular than ever before and this is true for a number of Indian sports as well as international sports.

Every year around 2-3 billion rupees are moved through the online betting industry in India. It is no surprise that the online betting industry is booming.

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Top Sports to bet on in India

If you are thinking of betting on the top sports in India. Then stay tuned with as we will explain everything you need to know about online betting.

1- Betting on Cricket

Cricket is not just for watching and enjoying the day with family and friends. Betting on cricket sitting at home. You can make a lot of money. Nowadays online cricket betting is increasing rapidly in India.

Since its inception some 300 years ago, the game of cricket has held a special place in the hearts and minds of Indian cricket fans. In the case of online cricket betting, it is constantly booming in the online betting industry.

If we talk about the online betting industry, then cricket is the most popular sport in India for online betting. It is very easy to bet on cricket using your smartphone and sitting at your home. What should you have before betting on cricket? It is the most common question from the punters.

If you don’t know how to become able to bet online using your mobile. Then read this article How to start online betting in India?

In short, first of all, you need to choose the best cricket betting site in India that offers instant withdrawal to punters immediately after winning bets.

2- Betting on Football

Football is the second most popular sport in India for online betting. Betting on football can be a daunting task. As football is the world’s most popular sport with more than 4 billion viewers. You need to be very comfortable with their choice before you place a bet unless you are compulsive, in which case you should probably stay away from it.

Punters are advised to the new football gamblers before they start betting on football first to choose the trustworthy and best football betting site.

If you are a football lover then it could be very simple for you to bet on football. Most punters love to bet on football and earn real money.

3- Betting on Hockey

Hockey is the national sport of India. It is among the popular betting sports in the country. India is one of the most successful countries when it comes to men’s hockey.

There are different types of bets you can place on hockey, depending on current odds and market.

If we look at India’s most popular hockey league, the Hockey India League (HIL) is a professional hockey league in India. Along with the Indian Premier League, the Indian Super League, and the Pro Kabaddi League, the HIL is considered one of the most important sports leagues in the country for online betting.

One of them is the money line bet, where punters bet on which team will win the game. If you bet on the favorite, you can win the amount stated on the website, while the other way you have to risk your money for a chance to win.

Puck line betting is the most popular form of betting in hockey. They are similar to money line betting, except that there is now a -1.5/+1.5 spread, which allows for better odds.

4- Online Casino Betting

Online casino betting is also one of the most popular online sports to bet on. Besides wagering on traditional and unique online casino games, Indians also enjoy the thrill of online casino betting. When it comes to online casino betting in India. There are some famous casino games that most punters will seek out at the site including – Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and many more casino games.

If you are looking to bet on online casino sites that offer the best odds and market along with instant withdrawal. We have chosen some of the best online casino sites in India. you can check it out here. That will help you to choose the best online casino betting sites in India.

5- Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is another popular online betting sport in India. It is surprisingly very simple to find a good horse racing betting website, as there are a large number of sites that offer this sport as an option. Some of the best sites that offer online horse racing betting include Satsport, SS Exchange, Satsport247, Diamond Exchange, and Sky Exchange.

However, before you try your luck at online horse racing betting, you should watch a few races and familiarise yourself with the sport and the betting system. Additional research on the part of bettors often helps in making successful online bets.


I hope you like this article and got to know about, what are the Top 5 most popular sports for online betting in India?

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