James Bond Roulette Strategy and Complete Guide

Roulette Strategy

In terms of table coverage, the James Bond roulette strategy system covers more than half of the table. This is based on a plan used by Bond in one of his books. The Labouchere system also appears to have been used by Bond. You can use this strategy to place the same amount of wagers every time you place a wager. A progression can also be followed, though it is considered quite risky. 

A brief description of James Bond Roulette Strategy

British author Ian Fleming created the character James Bond, a world-famous fictional character. Almost all of us are familiar with James Bond and his well-known code number 007 from many movies made over the years. James Bond’s character visits casinos to interact with people, do business, and face his foes.

Bond, the famous double 0 agents, enjoys playing baccarat and poker – he is not interested in playing roulette. However, if you have seen the Casino Royale movie, you may have noticed that Bond uses a unique system and plays roulette for a short time. You might wonder where this strategy came from, well, it’s straight out of a Hollywood movie. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of its validity. Movies aren’t the same as the real world. However, many players, particularly those from the UK, think that this is one of the best strategies. Let’s find out how it works.

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Understanding James Bond Roulette Strategy Work

Due to its simplicity, the James Bond system has grown in popularity. This strategy suggests that you place bets using INR200 when using an online roulette strategy. During this first bet, the three individual stakes are split. The high numbers will receive 70% of the stakes. As a result, INR140 of your ante will be placed on numbers 19 to 36.

You will bet 25% of your bet, which is INR50, on only six numbers. The numbers range from 13 to 18. You will bet INR10 on 0 as insurance. That’s 5% of the ante.

There is only one zero on the European wheel, so this strategy is only applicable there. Quick earnings are possible with this strategy. In order to be able to withstand a possible losing streak, you will need to have a sizeable bankroll.

The Martingale method is the foundation of Bond’s roulette strategy, as is the case with many other systems. Essentially, the objective is to cover as much of the roulette wheel as possible while aiming for one of three profitable outcomes. While the first two ingredients honor the image, the third one is essential. In order to play the Bond way, you will need to distribute INR200 as follows:

You can bet INR140 on high numbers (19-36)

Bet INR50 on low numbers (13-18)

Place a bet of INR10 on zero

Therefore, if you get a high number (19-36), your profit will be 80 dollars. In the event that the number drops to 13-18, you will keep INR100 of your net profit. Lastly, if you get zero, then – congratulations – you are now the proud owner of 160 dollars. As stated earlier, this system does not guarantee profit because numbers ranging from 1 to 12 are quite possible. In this situation, Bond would follow the Martingale progression and double his bets.

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Odds of the James Bond roulette strategy

Even though many players may argue that the bet is quite steep for one spin, you should keep in mind that the possible payout is quite high. In case the ball lands on the predicted section, here are the James Bond odds.

The odds of winning the 70% bet are 18 to 19. You will make INR80 if the ball lands on any number between 19 and 36.

Profit of INR100 is made on a 25% bet with odds of 6 to 31. The ball will need to land on any one of the six numbers between 13 and 18.

In the case of the ball landing on 0, you would make a profit of INR160 if you place the 5% insurance bet. You have an odds of 1 to 36 that this bet will be successful.

If the ball lands on a group of numbers that we did not mention, what will happen? Well, that is the part of the James Bond strategy that is risky. You will lose your entire INR200 bet if the ball lands on the numbers 1 to 12.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of James Bond Roulette Strategy

As with every betting system, the James Bond roulette strategy betting system has advantages and disadvantages. It is quite obvious that you gain the advantage of covering so much of the wheel that you are more likely to win at least something.

One disadvantage is that you don’t cover the entire wheel. There are no bets on the first 12 numbers, so if one of them comes up, you will not win anything. It’s possible to lose all your money before you have a chance to win anything back if this happens repeatedly.


Hope you liked this article and know about the James Bond Roulette Strategy and Complete Guide.

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