BetCity: An honest betting review


It is clear that BetCity is a prominent player in Russia’s sports betting market, as evidenced by the fact that they are an official betting partner of 22 different state-run sports organizations. BetCity is a major player in the sports betting industry in Russia. This bookmaker’s pervasiveness can be linked to their persistent attempts to strengthen their brand, put into place marketing techniques that are more effective, and broaden the range of services they provide.

BetCity was founded in 2009, but it didn’t take them very long to prove that they’re not a pushover as they swiftly established themselves as a leader in their industry.

This betting website has developed into a genuine jack-of-all-trades alternative for largely casual players by utilizing a mix of both contemporary and classic components. However, we believe that even high-rollers can have fun at because of the site’s overall versatility.

BetCity: Overview


One would anticipate a bookmaker to choose a classic user interface (UI) or a modern design when it comes to aesthetics. This is typical of the majority of Russian bookies, although they chose a more “scientific design” that is cleaner. Due to a lack of obvious borders or excessive space, a typical issue with many designs is that you can’t clearly tell apart between different events and markets.

Black and green lines are added by them to address this issue. The tables that are produced as a result of this approach are really magnificent and let you browse the website without encountering too many issues for hours on end. It takes much less time to place a wager or contact customer service because all the relevant tools are on the right side.

Customer Service     

When it comes to customer service, the BetCity crew operates like a well-oiled machine and can handle any issue that is presented to them. We gave them a variety of actual and fictitious challenges to solve in order to test their knowledge and talents and observe how they would react in each circumstance. We saw their forbearance as one trait that stood out. They didn’t mind responding to questions, no matter how ridiculous they were.

The support section is very well-stocked, thus the majority of circumstances don’t even call for speaking with an agent. Customer service should be conducted in this manner!


Almost no other bookmaker in Europe has a Windows desktop client, which they developed in addition to their apps for Android and iOS. Their software is nearly bug-free across all iterations, with issues only occurring on devices made before 2012.


What a section on payments, oh boy. Customers of BetCity can use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and even Google Pay, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished by any Russian bookmaker. It also includes the typical suspects, so in our opinion, this is a resounding 10/10.

BetCity: Sports and betting odds

It provides its users with the opportunity to wager on a wide range of athletic events.

Included in the list of sports that are discussed are Culture, Cycling, Darts, Electronic Sports, Futsal, Golf, Politics, Rugby, Snooker, and Wrestling. Other sports that are discussed include Culture, Cycling, Darts, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Badminton, Baseball, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, American Football, Boxing, Cricket, Electronic Sports, Futsal, Golf, Rugby, Snooker, and Wrest

It offers betting odds that, on average, are competitive in the industry. The betting margin for soccer is 5.2%, the betting margin for tennis is 7.5%, the betting margin for ice hockey is 7.6%, and the betting margin for basketball is 5.6%. The profit margin for all bets combined is 6.5%. These betting margins were determined by considering odds from a variety of occurrences across each sport in the calculation. It is important to keep in mind that margins might vary significantly from one sport to another, as well as from one league to another.

BetCity: Betting functionalities

It is an excellent company in terms of the quality of the product they provide, despite the fact that there are neither innovative solutions nor cutting-edge features. It would appear that their primary goal is to establish themselves as a reliable alternative rather than to compete for a position of leadership in any given field.

One of the problems that we found was that there were no unique bets available for sports other than football, basketball, and hockey. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they will correct this.

BetCity: Safety and security

What gives when there is all of this stuff but not even the tiniest bit of information about memberships in fairness organizations or information about safety precautions? In spite of the fact that BetCity has held a license issued by the Russian Government for more than ten years, we would love to see this bookmaker put more effort into fending off hackers and securing the data of their customers.

BetCity: Mobile Application

The website has been optimized in every way for use on mobile devices. The mobile version is quite simple to use, and it comes close to rivaling the ease of use of the desktop version. In the mobile mode, you have access to all of the functions; but, if you would rather utilize the desktop version, you may do so even when you are on your mobile device.

In addition to having a website that is optimized for mobile use, Betcity also offers a mobile application that can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS devices. You can enjoy betting whenever you want from your mobile device by downloading the app from the Betcity website, which you can do instantly.

BetCity: Bonuses and promotions

Free bet promo

You are eligible to receive a 10-dollar bonus on any wagers you make with your initial deposit. The bare minimum that must be deposited in order to be eligible for this incentive is twenty dollars. If you are going to utilize a foreign currency, you need to make sure that you verify both the minimum deposit required to qualify and the amount of the bonus that you will get.

Cashback offers

You will be eligible to receive cashback equal to anywhere from five percent to ten percent of the total amount that you have lost. The promotion is valid for all lost bets, with the exception of bets placed with another bonus amount, and the money is paid out on a monthly basis. Additionally, during the course of the calendar month, you are not permitted to take any cash out of your account.

BetCity: Our Verdict

BetCity online sportsbook stands out among all the other players in the market worldwide. However, like every other betting site, BetCity also has its own drawbacks as well. Since they are planning to stay on top of the game, they will overcome those limitations and make the lives of punters around the world easier. BetCity shines in every aspect of a model betting site, be it payments, safety, customer support, odds, bonus offers, and sportsbook. All of its users leave the site with pure satisfaction and joy. Therefore, according to our final verdict, BetCity is a must-try online betting website if you are an enthusiastic punter and is looking for a good time. Follow Exchmarket for more such reviews, sports predictions, and various casino games.

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