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Best Legal Betting Sites in India

Legal Betting Sites

Over time we have seen an increase in the number of online bettors, thanks to the best legal betting sites that have been providing quality services to Indian punters. At the same time, the number of gambling platforms has also grown. This is due to the fact that punters nowadays prefer to bet online through their mobile phones.

As online gambling platforms have grown, punters have also witnessed that there are a lot of illegal online betting sites in India that scam bettors, obviously this demotivates the clients to trust any other legal betting sites.

It is very challenging to find a reliable bookmaker to overcome this challenge we have brought you a list of legal betting sites in India.

Read this blog till the end to know more about the legal betting sites and gambling laws in India.

betting id

Betting in India

Sports betting and online gambling is the most famous activity among sports enthusiast. Almost every Indian watches cricket and other sports and cheers for their favorite players and teams and bet on them. However, in the country, there is a very ambiguous situation with the formalization of online betting sites.

Top Best Legal Betting Sites







2% to 100%

X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 10%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

10X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 5%

10X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount


Top 10 Best Betting Sites in India

  1. Satsport247: Legal and excellent User-friendly Interface
  2. Satsport: Great market odds and
  3. Satfair:  Security and safety is the motive of Satfair
  4. Satbet: Easy and safe withdrawal and deposit methods
  5. SS Exchange: Great ultra-high-definition live streaming
  6. Lousts Exchange: Most trusted gambling platform by beginners
  7. Sky Exchange: Excellent Market odds
  8. Betxhub247: Easy to use interface
  9. Diamond Exchange: Best for Indian punters and allows Indian currency.
  10. Mony777: Best for in-play betting on sports and casino games.

Are Online Betting Sites Legal in India?

Yes, online betting sites are legal in India. In the middle of the 19th century, the Indian government passed a gambling law. According to it, any activity related to gambling was prohibited. Since then, some laws have been changed and there are no, formal laws or constitutional acts in India that forbid punters from betting online. This says that Indian punters can freely make use of legal betting sites that are operated by offshore companies.

Gambling laws in India

There is no formal constitutional law in India on online gambling. When the constitution was drafted, betting and gambling affairs were put on the states to take their call. With this, the gambling law varies state by state and is entitled to formulate its own laws for gambling activities.

However, almost all states follow the principles of the Public Gambling Act of 1867, though with some amendments. According to the Public Gambling act, gambling is not an offense and it is an offense only when it takes place in a common gaming house or a public place. This clearly says that online betting sites are not considered illegal in India.

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Legal betting Sites vs Legal betting Apps.

Almost all bookmakers allow punters to bet on cricket or other sports through their websites and apps. Practically there is not much difference between these two things but still have some minor differences which make punters confused about which one to use.

Below we have compared legal betting sites and apps to make things clear to our readers.

Betting Sites

 Betting Apps

Websites do not need to be installed hence no mobile storage is neededApps need to be installed so it requires mobile storage.
Does not require upgrades after the introduction of a new featureNeeds to be upgraded once a new feature is added to the App
Visiting history is saved in the browserVisiting history is not saved in the apps
You get only a limited setting option. So, clients cannot customize the setting according to their convenienceGet a lot of setting options and clients can customize the settings according to their convenience.
Clients are restricted to placing bets while there is some technical work is under progressClients can play even when if there is some technical work is under progress in the backend
Legal betting sites have a desktop view optionDoes not have an option of desktop view

It may be funny but it is true that if you have an app it is risky that someone can access it with your knowledge when it comes to websites that are confidential and safe.

How to Choose Legal Betting Sites in India?

There are numerous online betting sites in India but not all are legal choosing a legal website is challenging and most Indian punters end up choosing illegal websites. To help passionate punters we have a guide by which punters can find out a legal website.

Gambling License

All online betting sites aren’t legal and do not have a gambling license. The owners of these platforms can scam their clients, so always make sure that you do some research and go through the gambling license. Only those websites that have gambling licenses are legal betting sites.

Attractive Bonuses

All the legal betting sites will give attractive best offers and bonuses. These sites usually give an attractive welcome bonus on sign-ups. Along with the welcome bonus punters also gets additional benefits and offers at every stage of the game this encourages the punters.

24/7 Customer Support

All legal betting sites care for their clients because they don’t want to lose their client’s trust after all customer loyalty matters a lot. So all legal betting sites have 24/7 customer sites and quickly resolve the issues so that their clients can play smoothly

Secure Payment Methods

All legal betting sites will have secure payment methods as they want to keep their client’s data confidential. Alongside good betting sites have various payment methods with easy deposit and withdrawal procedures.

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Excellent Betting Odds

As an experienced bettor, you would know that the higher the odds, the higher payout you get in case you win the bet. And always remember the legal betting sites will have excellent betting odds. All the websites mentioned in this blog have very good market odds.

Various Sports and Leagues

The legal betting sites will never restrict their players to one or two sports or leagues rather allows them to bet on various sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Horse racing, Basket Ball, Kabaddi and some sites will also have casino games. It is recommended to choose sites that allow bettors to bet on various sports and leagues.

Betting sites are not illegal in India. Because there are no formal laws that prohibit punters from using betting sites that are licensed and regulated in foreign countries.

To know whether a site is legal or not check the following items of the bookmaker: gambling license, customer support, bonuses and offers, payment methods available, and so on.

We recommend using platforms such as Satsport247, Satsport, Satbet, SS Exchange, Satfair, and much more.


We hope you enjoyed this post and found the Best Legal Betting Sites in India.

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