Best Indian Betting Sites 2022 for Indian betting enthusiasts

Indian Betting Sites

Betting is not a lesser-known term for anyone around the world. lately Indian betting sites are received by people around the country. Across numerous sports like football, tennis, cricket, and basketball, betting enthusiasts in India are mad about their game.

If you are interested in trying your luck and are a lover of sports, you have visited the right page. We have enlisted our favorite Indian betting sites amongst the lot and you can view them.

Satsport, Satsport247, Satbet, SsExchange, Satfair, BetxHub247, Sky Exchange, Diamond Exchange, Money777, Lotus Book247. These are some of our favorite Indian betting sites. A better guide on them is given below.

Best Indian Betting Sites in India 2022


Satsport is one of the top Indian betting sites with a variety of mind-numbing features. The site is completely user-friendly and safe with hassle-free registration and different payment gateways. The site enables high security where all your personal information is safe with our operators. Sought-after sports like Cricket and horse racing are some games which you can try your luck on. There is also a wide selection of popular sports.


Satsport247 is one such Indian betting site where you get everything in one place. Cricket, soccer, tennis, basketball, horse racing, volleyball, ice hockey, and kabaddi are the games available to bet on this site. Satsport247 is simply the best Indian betting site among the others for sports-loving bettors to try their luck on.


Satbet is a site devoted to players who love casino games. It is an honest online casino in the Indian betting industry, where people can bet without actually having to go to real casinos. Satbet offers a great profile of games that varies from slots to slots and to the live dealers. They make the players fall in love with betting like no other site and this site is a heaven for mobile gamblers.


Ssexchange is a top-notch Indian betting site that is dedicated to delivering a great betting experience on your favorite sports and players. Not only just place bets but also you can stream live matches and more. Horse racing and cricket are the popular betting games on this site. There is little to no financial risk in playing with your virtual money.


Satfair till date, is the most exciting betting platform available online. Satfair helps you try your luck in real-time while providing you with a full-fledged live betting platform enabling you to view in-game statistics and other details. On Satfair you can pretty much put a wager on any game around the world which ranges from ice hockey to cricket.

Sky Exchange:

Sky Exchange is one of the biggest and most popular Indian betting sites specialized in sports betting and it is proven that Indian betting lovers are loving the site as well. The sports on this site have a huge collection of games such as cricket, soccer, tennis, MetaTrader 5, horse racing, and live casino. What’s more is the high-quality security features, both your banking and personal information are safe whenever you pill up the Sky Exchange.

Diamond Exchange:

Diamond Exchange provides a coin-based online betting experience. It has an easy-to-access feature from anywhere such as from your home, office, or your personal space. Diamond Exchange provides various games at different places. The game directory includes Live Casino, Slot Game, Cricket Casino, Kabaddi, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing, MotorSport, Kabaddi, Andar Bahar, Teenpatti, etc.


Mony777 is a newbie in the Indian online betting market. Despite the fact that it is a newcomer, Mony777 has climbed the way up to the top level of the best betting sites in India. From the user interaction review, it is proven that many people love Mony777 and it is of no surprise. They have numerous exciting online casinos and mobile gambling games.


Lotusbook247 is India’s one of the top Indian betting sites. Lotusbook247 has a very high threshold when it comes to security and service which makes them a great site for those who are new to the betting game. It is easily accessible and very user-friendly with great sophisticated encryption technologies. The site completely refrains from fraud and scams.


If you are in India and if you are looking forward to earning extra income via online betting, Betxhub247 is the platform for you. The site is highly driven towards Indian players so that when you launch the site, it immediately identifies with your nationality. You can bet on your favorite games such as horse racing and cricket. Betxhub247 is customized for the Indian players and shows all the Indian currency denominations. One can their luck in betting by winning huge prizes.

Best Bookies Sites

Indian betting sites have become worldwide popular and exciting, coming with various promotional offers and bonuses. The online betting scene has come up over the country with ease. Indian bettors have specific tastes when it comes to betting, particularly in cricket and football.

For all sports lovers in India who like to have fun betting on sports and their favorite players, also people who like to earn a few bucks sitting at home, the table given below will provide you with a list of the best Indian bookie sites.







2% to 100%

X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 10%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

10X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 5%

10X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



What are the minimum deposit sites on Indian Betting Sites?

The minimum deposit sites are the type of sites that will allow you to deposit almost the bare minimum as you wish. Indian Betting is no longer limited to the rich and powerful. A common man in India can also try his or her luck. There are dozens of minimum deposit Indian betting sites, we will list out some of them.

Yes, the online betting system is legal in India. At present, there are no federal regulations against Indian online betting. Online betting is fully legal for players from India. Although, there are be some criteria that must be fulfilled to be considered legal.

These are some of the best withdrawal sites in the Indian betting market. Satsport, Satsport247, Satbet, SsExchange, Satfair, BetxHub247, Sky Exchange, Diamond Exchange, Money777, Lotus Book247.


We have a tendency to hope you enjoyed this post and found the Best Indian Betting Sites 2022 for Indian betting enthusiasts.

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