Asia Cup 2022: 10 things which every Asia Cup fan should know

Asia Cup 2022

Asia Cup 2022: On August 27, the United Arab Emirates will host the first match of the Asia Cup, which will be played in a Twenty20 style. The match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will take place in Dubai.

That will serve as a warm-up for a high-stakes confrontation between India and Pakistan the day after tomorrow. As Bangladesh works to gain an advantage over its illustrious competitors in the subcontinent, fans should anticipate even more nail-biting matches. The qualifiers have begun, and the possibility of the UAE getting involved adds a new dimension to the competition.

Asia Cup 2022: Why is UAE the favorite for Asia Cup tournaments?

The stadiums are going to be completely full to capacity. And there was a static charge in the air. The Asia Cup has come to a close here in the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates is home to a number of communities comprised of expatriates. Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, and Afghans. They are completely obsessed with cricket. Both Dubai and Sharjah will play host to their respective national teams’ matches. The India vs. Pakistan match on August 28 is completely sold out due to the quick pace of ticket sales.

The United Arab Emirates might be considered the event’s spiritual home. The businessman and cricket fanatic Abdul Rehman Bukhatir is credited with planting the seeds of cricket fever in the United Arab Emirates at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, which is where the tournament’s roots can be traced back to.

Following its debut in the United Arab Emirates in 1985, the Asia Cup continued to be held there until its most recent edition in 2018. In the 15 iterations and 38 years that the Asia Cup has been played, this is the fourth tournament that has been held in the UAE.

Asia Cup 2022: Who all are the participants? 

Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are all full members of the International Cricket Conference. Bangladesh is also a member in good standing. The five are admitted without further consideration to the main competition. As a result of Hong Kong’s victory in the competition for four nations, they are now a part of it.

Asia Cup 2022: What will be the format this year?

One-day international matches with a 50-over format have typically been played during the Asia Cup. This year, however, the format will be a Twenty 20 match. 2016 was the only other year that the Asia Cup included games that were longer than 20 overs.

Asia Cup 2022: Who are the hosts?

The event, which was originally scheduled to take place in 2020 but was moved up to avoid the COVID pandemic, will now take place in Sri Lanka. Since Sri Lanka is in the midst of a political and financial crisis, the competition has been relocated to the United Arab Emirates.

Asia Cup 2022: Where will be the games played?

Both the Dubai International Stadium and the Sharjah Cricket Stadium will play host to the matches respectively. The first match will begin at 18:30 UAE time.

Asia Cup 2022: When will the main event commence?

The tournament will begin in Dubai on August 27 with Afghanistan taking on Sri Lanka. The following day, India and Pakistan will compete in the opening match at the same site. On September 11, the championship match will be held in Dubai.

Asia Cup 2022: What about the qualifiers?

At the moment, the competition is taking place at the Al Ameerat Stadium in Muscat, Oman. The United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuwait will compete against one another to see who will advance to the main draw in Group A. They will compete against teams from India as well as Pakistan.

Asia Cup 2022: How many Asia Cups have been conducted so far?

Since the first competition, which took place in Sharjah in 1984, there have been a total of fourteen editions of the Asia Cup. The competition has only been postponed twice owing to unforeseen circumstances: in 2020, it was moved to 2022 because of the COVID pandemic, and in 1993, it was canceled because of political tensions between India and Pakistan.

Asia Cup 2022: Who are the current title holders?

India is the current champion after Rohit Sharma led them to victory in a nail-biting final against Bangladesh in Dubai in 2018. The match came down to the final ball.

Who has lifted the title the most?

There have been seven different winners of the Asia Cup. India has won it seven times, Sri Lanka has won it five times, and Pakistan has won it twice. Despite making it to the final three times, Bangladesh has never been victorious.

How often will India and Pakistan meet in the tournament?

At the preliminary league game on August 28 at the Dubai International Stadium, India and Pakistan will face off against each other. That has been verified. If both teams are able to advance to the next round, which should be the case barring some kind of miracle, they will face each other again in the Super 4 round. Both India and Pakistan will compete in the championship match if they win their respective Super 4 matches. That will make it the third occasion. A deliciously enticing offer, to say the least.

Asia Cup 2022: Head to head of India and Pakistan?

In the history of the Asia Cup, India and Pakistan have met each other 14 times. India had eight victories, Pakistan had five, and there was one game that did not have a winner declared.


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