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An honest review of betway by exchmarket


Betway is a Malta-based online gambling and betting company that offers worldwide gambling and betting. Betway has been registered in Malta as well as in England, Italy, Australia, and many other countries in the world. It is fast becoming a popular company worldwide. It has made a name for itself in a very short period of time. The company was founded in 2006 and its headquarter is in London.

The company gives a warm welcome to new customers and gives them various bonuses to make a good impression. It believes that they provide services according to the requirements and expectations of the customers so that it has loyal customers.

Loyal customers are the real power of any company. The company will give you part of the money as a gift when you sign up on the Betway website or on the Betway app.

betting id

Its privacy policy is magnificent and unparalleled, you feel completely safe by joining it. Beltway’s privacy policy is excellent, you will feel completely safe here.

Variety of games in Betway

Betway offers a variety of services to help you make your dreams true. You can bet on different sports like cricket, football, golf, horse racing, and many more. You can gamble on live casinos according to your will. You will find tremendous benefits and rewards by using this platform. There is massive active traffic in the Betway world that is always ready to gamble.

It has been seen that different companies who are running online gambling or live casinos are in the field with fewer options as they bet on 2 or 3 sports whereas it has many operations. Now if a person who is interested in cricket wants to gamble in golf after repeatedly losing bets on cricket because he also knows the game of golf very well. In this situation, the person has no better option than Betway.

You can switch from one sport to another in seconds because it offers it to you on its platform. The fact that the company is registered in different countries of the world gives reason to believe that no country allows a fraudulent company to be registered in its country.

This company is working in almost all the continents of the world, that’s why its customers are spread in all the countries of the world. When you play or talk with people of different mindsets, you get different ideas and they help you in many places. Now let’s talk about the other side of it and that is that this company has been working for 17 years and in all this time it has created a distinct identity.

Every day many new companies or new businesses are started in the world and according to a conservative estimate 90% of the businesses fail and only 10% succeed. Now there is a reason which is making this company profitable and that reason is the quality of the company which never compromises on principles.


Although this company is not registered in India, still gamblers trust Betway the most. A huge population here is interested in gambling and participates in it in various ways but the trend of gamblers here is now towards Betway which bodes well for the company.

It is also a very good thing for the people of any country that the people there have a tendency towards a single company. You love knowing that a friend or acquaintance can find you playing alongside or against you. It is designed in such a smart and sharp way that you can get all kinds of updates like how many people are playing on the spot, what games are being played in the world market, etc.

What new trends are going on and how much profit people are making and how much profit the company making overall? It is one of the founding companies that introduced online gambling and has mastered its online system.

As the world of information technology has progressed and difficult things have become easier with the passage of time, this company has also kept itself up-to-date. One of the best things about this company is that you can place a bet on any match and you can easily place a bet at any moment during the match. As we talk about the cricket match, if you want to bet on a player during the match, you can bet.

You can bet on how many scores a batter will score today. You can also bet on how many wickets a bowler will take today and how many scores he will give. If you are unable to watch the match from the beginning, you can also gamble in the thrilling final hours. Betway believes in customer satisfaction and supports customer service to make them feel comfortable.

Betway Withdraw & Deposit

The method of withdrawing money from Betway and depositing money in it is very easy. You can deposit or withdraw money through different platforms like Visa card, Master card, Paytm, Gpay, IMPS, and many more.

It offers you to deposit or withdraw money in local currency which makes it very convenient for the customer. Gamblers like it thanks to Beltway’s careful policies like you can’t deposit less than INR 500 and withdraw less than INR 1000 for betting on a cricket match.

Betway Roll in local Games

If we talk about India, India is the most gambling in the IPL. IPL is the world’s biggest cricket league which is held every year. Gambling is done in this league from all over the world, which also attracts the interest of gamblers from India.

One of the good things about it is that they also offer gambling on local sports of different countries, like gambling Kabaddi in India. You can bet on any kabaddi player whether he is a reader or a defender.

Today, all the cricket-loving countries including India are buzzing about World Cup 2022. All the gamblers are also eager to see their favorite teams and their favorite players playing on the field.

In this Cricket World Cup 2022, it is expected that most gamblers will take place during the Word Cup which will break all the previous records. And the most important thing is that the most used platform will be “Betway” others as well but it’s the most recognizes name in this industry.


Alternatives of Betway

To help you get started with gambling Betway. Exchmarket asks you to choose a website that entertains Indian players as it will help you save time from converting rupees into dollars hence Exchmarket saves your time. It has already selected the best betting websites that accept Indian rupees and Indian players hence an exclusive experience for Indian players.
The following are the nine websites:

  • Satsport247
  • Satsport
  • Satfair
  • SS Exchange
  • Lotusbook247
  • Sky Exchange
  • BetXHub247
  • Diamond Exchange
  • Mony777

Exchmarket also publishes review betting sites that accept Indian players and only recommends websites that are feasible for Indian players.

Read this complete review to comprehend better. The Betway offers various services for bets i.e. soccer, tennis, horse racing, casinos, and cricket.

It is also endorsed by Bollywood celebrities and TV stars of the Indian Industry. Here are a few notable names Shakti Kapoor, Tusshar Kapoor, Karishma Tanna, Urfi Javed, Shelafli Jariwala, etc.

These celebrities promoting and endorsing this website make this website more reliable as these celebrities wouldn’t promote something which is a scam.

There are many testimonials on the Betway website where players have shared their good

Cricket isn’t the national sport of India but it is one of the most popular sports in India. Cricket is loved by fans for various reasons and it is a delight to watch cricket with friends and family and then bet on the match.

Love for cricket leads its fans to do betting online. It gives you a premium experience for betting online and it is a reliable website for betting.

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