7 Tips you probably didn’t know About IPL Betting

IPL Betting

So, you want to make real money from IPL betting? If yes then you are at the right place. It is not so easy to earn real cash from millions of punters try but only a few get successful. You will be among those few people after following our tips to do profitable IPL betting.

So without wasting time let’s get into the things without wasting further time.

Top 7 IPL betting tips that you should know to make real cash

Here are a few tips that will make you a successful IPL betting star only if you follow them. Let’s get started.

Always follow the latest winning trends

The easiest and most proven way to earn real cash through online IPL betting is to follow the latest winning trends in this field. This doesn’t mean you should copy other successful punters.

Know your limits

While betting on online IPL Matches always keep a limit on your bet and follow those limits. Don’t just blindly place bets on any amount instead calculate the probability of winning and then place your bet accordingly. As there is a famous saying “Eat your betting money but never bet your eating money”

Always measure the risk

While betting on IPL matches always measure the risk and then place bets many punters don’t measure the risk and unfortunately end up losing money. Only place a bet on the money that you can afford to lose in case of any uneven bet.

Read books related to online IPL betting

Many successful punters have revealed their secret to their success. The majority of punters said that they read books relating to online betting to make successful bets. There are 3 books that we would like to recommend to our readers they are:

  • Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong
  • Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting by King Yao
  • Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street by Elihu D. Feustel

Note: None of these books are going to make a successful punter overnight, neither will they guide you step by step on how you can win at IPL betting. The only way they will help is by giving you some creative ideas and strategies by which you can earn real cash in IPL betting.

Good Player Picks

Many punters lose bets only because they make the wrong decision while picking up players. So always pick those players who are in form and have good records in past. Picking up your favorite player without having good records in IPL can only lead you to lose your money.

Follow Online IPL Betting Predictions

IPL Expert predictions play a vital role if you want to bet on any IP match. But what IPL predictions factors should a punter should follow? Below is a list of predictions that every punter should follow while online IPL betting.

  • Match information
  • Toss prediction
  • Pitch Report
  • Weather Report

Join the Right Betting Site

Joining the right betting sites also plays an important role if you want to be a successful IPL bettor. But how do you find the right betting site? Just follow the below guidelines to join the right IPL betting sites.

User friendly

To earn real cash on IPL betting it is necessary to understand all the features of a betting site so that you could make full use of it. That is the reason why a punter should always choose a website that has a great user-friendly interface.

Customer Support

A good betting site will have good customer support and they will respond to the customers quickly. This will help punters to solve their issues quickly and focus more on IPL betting.

Attractive bonus and offers

Good IPL betting sites will always give a good and attractive bonus and offers to their clients to keep them motivated. These offers and bonuses often help punters to earn real money. And keeps punters motivated.

Safety and security

Good betting sites always keep their client’s data confidential. With this punters are away from scams and frauds. This helps them to focus more on placing successful bets.

Easy withdrawal and deposits

After you win a bet on IPL it’s time to withdraw your winnings a good IPL betting site will have easy withdrawal and deposit procedures along with this they will also have various methods to withdraw your earnings.

List of right betting sites that punters should join.







2% to 100%

X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 10%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

10X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 5%

10X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount

No Min.


2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



2% to 5%

X Bonus Amount



These are some of the tips that you probably didn’t know about IPL betting in 2022 just follow these guidelines if you wish to be a great bettor and earn real money.

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